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FlinterFile: Stef Bos- Papa

Stef Bos had his first hit in 1991, with an autobiographical song. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Herman Finkers & Brigitte Kaandorp- Duet

In 1990 the cabaret performers Herman Finkers and Brigitte Kaandorp recorded a duet. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: BLØF- Liefs Uit Londen

In 1998, the band Bløf released their first single. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: R.E.M.- Losing My Religion

This song started with a mandoline. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Jazzpolitie- Liefdesliedjes

Two members of the band Splitsing decided to record an album together in 1993. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Rowwen Hèze- Limburg

The band Rowwen Hèze is a band from Limburg in the Netherlands and sings in dialect. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Bruce Springsteen- Streets Of Philadelphia

The movie Philadelphia, about a man dying of AIDS, was released in 1993. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Sophie B. Hawkins- Right Beside You

Sophie B. Hawkins released her second album in 1994. This was the first single from that album. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: R.E.M.- Nightswimming


Sometimes a song is already there, but needs time to get finished. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Robby Valentine- Over And Over Again


Robby Valentine is a Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Kate Bush- Rocket Man


In 1991, a tribute to Elton John and Bernie Taupin was released. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Wilson Phillips- Release Me


The harmony of Wilson Phillips sold well in 1990. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: This Mortal Coil- You And Your Sister


This song startedas a B-side to Chris Bell’s single I Am The Cosmos. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Lonnie Gordon- Gonna Catch You


In 1991, Lonnie Gordon had a dance hit. She is from the Bronx in New York, but had more success out of the USA than in it… Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Cornershop- Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)


In 1997, Norman Cook (also known as Fatboy Slim) remixed a song by the band Cornershop. They had released it, but it was only a minor hit (number 60 in the UK). Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Tower Of Power- Soul With A Capital “S”

soul with a capital s

In 1993, Tower of Power made their come-back. The group, started in 1967, had already had several hits in the seventies. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Beautiful South- A Little Time


In 1990, the Beautiful South had their first number 1 hit in the UK. They were formed by several members of the Housemartins, together with several other people and their old roadie. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Buckshot LeFonque- Another Day

buckshot lefonque another day

In 1997, the American group Buckshot LeFonque released one of their most successful singles. The band was found by Branford Marsalis, who played with artists like Miles Davis and Sting, and as a result of that, he wanted to play the styles of those artists in one. It ment a fusion of rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop and R&B (who could have thought these could be mixed?). The band was almost a complete orchestra, including some DJ’s. The song charted at number 5 in the Netherlands. Enjoy

Buckshot LeFonque- Another Day

FlinterFile: Warren G & Nate Dogg- Regulate

warren g nate dogg regulate

In 1994, Warren G. & Nate Dogg made their debut on the music scene. Warren G. made a song in his appartment, with his musical equipment stored in a bedroom. With no furniture in the appartment and his the poo of his dog all over the floor, he still asked Nate Dogg to record his part. Warren G. made a microphone in the closet, so Nate Dogg could record his part. In the song, there is also a sample from Michael McDonald (I Keep Forgettin’), a dialogue from the movie Young Guns and a quote from Bob James. All together, it made a number 2 hit in the US and a number 5 hit in the UK. Enjoy

Warren G. & Nate Dogg- Regulate

Song of the day: Iggy Pop- Candy


In 1990, Iggy Pop recorded a duet with Kate Pierson (the B-52’s). In the song, Iggy looks back at an old relationship with a woman, Betsy. Kate brought in the perspective of the woman, who misses him as well. The idea of the song worked out well, making it to number 7 in the Netherlands. In the US, it made it to number 28. Enjoy

Iggy Pop- Candy

Song of the day: Mark Morrison- Return Of The Mack


In 1996, Mark Morrison hit the charts with a dance classic. Mark had been in prison, and wanted to change his life from negative to positive. So he did by coming back as a singer, nicknamed the Mack. It was a good idea: the song was number 2 in the US and number 1 in the UK. Enjoy

Mark Morrison- Return Of The Mack

Song of the day: Snap!- The Power


In 1990, Snap! released their third single The Power. The song starts with a Russian line, which says an American compagny has started the production of a voice-controlled computer for blind people. Originally, the complete song vocals were made up of samples, but for a US release, they couldn’t use those, since they were not authorized to do that. Instead, they re-recorded the song with different vocals and still used some samples. The result: number 1 in the UK, Canada, the Netherlands and several other countries, number 2 in the US. Enjoy

Snap!- The Power

Song of the day: Phil Collins- I Wish It Would Rain Down


In 1990, Phil Collins released another single from his album …But Seriously. For the song, he invited Eric Clapton, who had never before played on a Phil Collins record. As Phil Collins said: this is right down your street. The music video contained a lot of humour and references to Cream and Genesis. The song itself peaked at number 1 in Canada, number 3 in the US and number 7 in the UK. Enjoy

Phil Collins- I Wish It Would Rain Down

Song of the day: Lene Marlin- Sitting Down Here


In 1999, the Norwegian singer Lene Marlin managed to score a hit in different countries. It was the second hit from her debut album. Most of her later work did only reach the hit charts in Norway. This song managed it to place 5 in the UK and the Netherlands. Enjoy

Lene Marlin- Sitting Down Here

Song of the day: The Beloved- Sweet Harmony

the beloved sweet harmony

In 1993, the Beloved scored their biggest hit. The story of the Beloved started in 1983, when Jon Marsh placed an advertisement in which he told he had founded the Beloved. If you wished to join the band, you had to come to a certain place, three years after.  Two people turned up, and later someone else joined. Starting with indie hits, they had their biggest success with dance music, of which Sweet Harmony peaked at number 8 in the UK. Enjoy

The Beloved- Sweet Harmony

Song of the day: Joan Osborne- One Of Us

joan osborne one of us

In 1995, Eric Bazilian was in the middle of writing songs for Joan Osborne, together with Rick Chertoff and Joan Osborne herself. However, this song was written by Eric alone, in the middle of the night, in a few minutes. The reason was simple: he wanted to impress a girl, with whom he is now married. When he played a bad demotape of it to Rick Chertoff, he suggested it might be something for the album of Joan Osborne. It was a success, with a number 6 hit in the UK and number 4 in the US. Enjoy

Joan Osborne- One Of Us

Song of the day: Bizarre Inc.- I’m Gonna Get You

bizzare inc i'm gonna get you

In 1992, Bizarre Inc invited Angie Brown to record a song for their new album Energique. Angie Brown had done a lot of backing vocals, for artists such as Kate Bush, Chaka Khan, Grace Jones and Lisa Stansfield. With a sample from Jocelyn Brown they had a number 3 hit in the UK and even a number 1 hit in the American and Canadian dance charts! Enjoy

Bizarre Inc featuring Angie Brown- I’m Gonna Get You

Song of the day: Paul Weller- You Do Something To Me


In 1995 recorded Paul Weller his solo single You Do Something To Me. He did this after being singer for The Jam and The Style Council. In fact, he invited the drummer of the Style Council to play on his third studio album, Stanley Road. We also hear him on this song. The song had a number 9 position in the UK and a silver status. Enjoy

Paul Weller- You Do Something To Me

Song of the day: Jimmy Nail- Ain’t No Doubt


In 1992, Jimmy Nail composed a song together with Guy Pratt, Danny Schrogger and Charlie Dore. They would make it to number 1 in the UK for two full weeks! It is about a relationship which is going downwards, since the man and the woman don’t understand each other. Sylvia Mason-James did some extra vocals on this song. Enjoy

Jimmy Nail- Ain’t No Doubt

Song of the day: Bryan Adams- Can’t Stop This Thing We Started


In 1991, Bryan Adams released the album Waking Up the Neighbours. While the first single (Everything I Do (I Do It For You)) may not have woken up the neighbours, this one would have done that. In the US it stuck to number 2, since Prince wouldn’t come down from the first place. The song did reach number 1 in Canada! Enjoy

Bryan Adams- Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Song of the day: Shania Twain- That Don’t Impress Me Much

shania twain

The album Come On Over was a successalbum for Shania Twain: this song was the sixth country single from that album! Later it would become a dance single. It would become number 7 in the US and number 3 in the UK! Enjoy

Shania Twain- That Don’t Impress Me Much

Song of the day: Extreme- Hole Hearted


The band Extreme is best known for another hit, namely More Than Words. However, I have heard that one a bit too much and like this (forgotten) song better. It was released as a single from the same album, Pornograffitti. The song would make it to number 4 in the US and number 12 in the UK. Extreme is a good example of a rock band which had hits with softer songs (they made some hard rock too). Enjoy

Extreme- Hole Hearted

Song of the day: Tom Cochrane- Life Is A Highway

tom cochrane life is a highway

In 1991, Tom Cochrane released his album Mad Mad World. On this album, one song became a hit. Number one in Canada and number 6 in the US, it would be Tom’s best known song. The song would later be used in a cover version on the soundtrack of the movie Cars. This version would make it to number 7 in the US. Enjoy

Tom Cochrane- Life Is A Highway

Song of the day: Kristine W.- Feel What You Want

kristine w feel what you want

In the nineties, while house still was going strong, Kristine W. had a big hit. In 1994, the song Feel What You Want ended up on number one in the US and the UK, both on the club tracks chart. She has an amazing voice, so that might be one of the causes that it was number one… And still it´s one of the best songs to dance on from the nineties. Enjoy

Kristine W.- Feel What You Want

Song of the day: Lighthouse Family- High

lighthouse family high

Released on the last day of 1997, the song was a hit in 1998 (yeah, there’s no real chance that it was a hit in 1997)… It was number 4 in the UK, number 21 in the US and number 1 in Australia. It was the second single by the Lighthouse Family, and it would be their biggest hit (so far, as they still exist). The nice thing is that there also is a dance mix (not bad), though the original is the best to me. Enjoy

Lighthouse Family- High

Song of the day: Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun


A rock song by Black Hole Sun, written by Chris Cornell. Though it’s one of the best known songs of the nineties and by the band Soundgarden, but it has not made the Billboard Hot 100, due to the commercial release of the single. The song has been written in about 15 minutes, and according to Cornell, the song is very Beatlesque. About that can be argued, but it’s one of the best songs from 1994. Enjoy

Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun

Song of the day: Annie Lennox- Why

annie lennox why

After her time with Dave Stewart as Eurythmics, Annie Lennox went solo. In 1992, she released her first solo-album: Diva. This song was a single from that album, and it ended up on number 34 in the US. In the UK it did number 5 and it even hit number one in Italy! Lennox wrote the song, according to her, in ten minutes and it was about where she wanted to go in life. Enjoy

Annie Lennox- Why

Song of the day: Beckie Bell- Steppin’ Out Tonight

beckie bell steppin' out tonight

In the nineties, 1992, Beckie Bell had a big hit with the song Steppin’ Out Tonight. There’s just one problem for me: this great dance track did not chart in the US or UK, only did number 4 in the Netherlands. There’s no information to be found, but it’s a great track! Enjoy and dance to

Beckie Bell- Steppin’ Out Tonight

Song of the day: Radiohead- Karma Police


A band which had a big influence on the music in the nineties and which should not be forgotten! Though their alternative rock is something you either like or dislike, I enjoy most of their work. This song was on their famous album OK Computer, and is made up of an inside-joke from the band (which has to do with the system of reincarnation in the Hindu-belief). It was a hit in the charts, reaching number 8 in the UK and number 14 in the US. It was officially released in 1997, but already in 1996 played live, when Radiohead toured (only for a short time) with Alanis Morissette. The rest is history, and it’s a mystical and somewhat mysterious sort of track, taking you in and making you realise you have listened to it after it has ended. Enjoy

Radiohead- Karma Police

Song of the day: Primal Scream- Rocks


This is one of the rare double A-side singles! The group Primal Scream released the single in 1994, with two songs (as usual), namely Rocks and Funky Jam. The single did good in the charts, reaching number 7 in the UK. The song was the first indication that Primal Scream was changing their style (the album from 1991 was more a dance album) and that they would rock more. Their inspiration were the Stones and the Faces, and the nice thing is that Rod Stewart (singer of the Faces) would later cover it. Let’s rock! Enjoy

Primal Scream- Rocks

Song of the day: Nomads- Yakalelo


This was a summer hit in 1998, made by a French group, who never again had such a big hit. In France it reached number 2, in Belgium number 4 and in the Netherlands number 10. The song does mean nothing, according to one of the members. “It is the same as saying tralala.” And therefore I would say: enjoy

The Nomads- Yakalelo

Song of the day: Maxi Priest- Close To You

maxi priest close to you

In 1990, a song by Maxi Priest would make it to the first place in the Billboard Hot 100. The artist is a British singer, who mostly records reggae songs. He already had had hits with songs such as Wild World, and this would be one of his biggest summer hits. It sounds like the summer does, so enjoy

Maxi Priest- Close To You

Song of the day: Shaft- (Mucho Mambo) Sway


Today we have to go back a long time to find the roots of the song of the day. We end up in 1953, when a Mexican instrumental song is released. It’s a mambo song, so that makes it sound like the summer. Dean Martin took this song in 1954, which was translated in English for him and it was given the title Sway, which was the translation of the Mexican title. Then the song went on, was covered and remixed, for example by the Pussycat Dolls, Michael Bublé, Cliff Richard and Jennifer Lopez. And that are only a few of them. One version, a remix, became a big hit for Shaft. It would be their biggest hit. And therefore, I would say: enjoy

Shaft- (Mucho Mambo) Sway

Song of the day: Denis Azor- A Li La

denis azor a li la

In 1967, a man called Jean Denis Azor is born on Mauritius. He will become known as the singer Denis Azor, who had a hit in the nineties called Ala Li La. It was a summer hit in 1991, fitting the genre segâ, which is a typical style on Mauritius. This was very popular in the summer of 1991, but since then we have not heard a lot from the man or the style, so I think we can safely say he’s a one hit wonder. However, he made this happy hit, and I would say: enjoy

Denis Azor- Ala Li La

Song of the day: Ultra Naté- Free


A nineties song which has the best of almost everything in dance music: disco, house, and the nineties sound. It was a single of her third album, and it managed to become a hit in a lot of countries. For some people, this song is one of the best songs of the nineties, regarding dance music. I think I could agree on that one. The voice of Ultra Naté is great, and it’s a shame she did not have a lot of hits. So get dancing to this hit! Enjoy

Ultra Naté- Free

Song of the day: Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

chesney hawkes the one and only

A summerhit from a movie today! In 1991, the movie Buddy’s Song was released. Though the movie was not a smashing success, the song which was in it was. It is written by Nik Kershaw and performed by Chesney Hawkes (who also was playing a role in the movie). In the UK, the song peaked at number one, where it stayed for five weeks. Later it would become clear that this song would be the one and only hit for Chesney Hawkes, so he ended up as a one hit wonder. A nice detail about the movie: it also features Roger Daltrey of the Who. Enjoy

Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

Song of the day: Negrocan- Cada Vez

negrocan cada vez

Our story of today starts in 1991, when a group of several artists is formed. The artists come from different countries, namely Italy, England, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. They name themselves  Negrocan. Their style has some funk in it, but also the clear inspiration of Latin and some soul. That combines in a single, Cada Vez, which is still played a lot during the summer. Enjoy

Negrocan- Cada Vez

Song of the day: The Bucketheads- The Bomb


Tonight it’s party time! That’s another song, but let’s talk about the nineties house classic, made by the Bucketheads, which actually was one Buckethead, better known as Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez. He made this song, used a sample of the Chicago song Street Player. For the ones who want to know: it’s the lyrics, Street sounds swirling through my mind. I have misunderstood those, because I’m always singing “Beat time rolling through my mind”, which does not make sense, I know. But most songs do not make sense, especially house songs. However, a great song, enjoy

The Bucketheads- The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)

Song of the day: Nice Device- Cool Corona


In the nineties, there was a band called Nice Device. I tried to find some information on the band, but all I could find was a band which was active between 2001 and 2010, but this single is really from the nineties! So I think it is not the same band, but furthermore, I don’t know. The song is mostly about a woman who wants her man to be like Elvis Presley (which woman does not want that?), but the man prefers a cool corona. It’s obvious they have different priorities… Enjoy

Nice Device- Cool Corona (Could You Be Like Elvis)

Song of the day: Energy 52- Café Del Mar

Cafe del Mar

Saturday night! Dance night! And today it’s a song from the nineties, 1993 to be precise. The name is derived from a bar on Ibiza, of course with the same name. The song has become a dance classic, instantly recognizable and remixed many, many, many times. None of them have been as good as the original song, that is, in my eyes. Dance to and enjoy

Energy 52- Café Del Mar