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Song of the day: Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only

chesney hawkes the one and only

A summerhit from a movie today! In 1991, the movie Buddy’s Song was released. Though the movie was not a smashing success, the song which was in it was. It is written by Nik Kershaw and performed by Chesney Hawkes (who also was playing a role in the movie). In the UK, the song peaked at number one, where it stayed for five weeks. Later it would become clear that this song would be the one and only hit for Chesney Hawkes, so he ended up as a one hit wonder. A nice detail about the movie: it also features Roger Daltrey of the Who. Enjoy

Chesney Hawkes- The One And Only


Song of the day: Nik Kershaw- The Riddle

Hello everyone,

Today it’s a bit of a puzzle which song is the song of the day…
But I will just say it! Nik Kershaw with The Riddle.
And if he gets out of the house he’s in, I leave it up to you…

(You have to watch the video to get that one)