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Song of the day: Frank Sinatra- It Was A Very Good Year

frank sinatra

The last day of the year… there would be some appropriate songs to put on. ABBA with Happy Newyear, for instance. But we’ve had that one already. So another song. This man made lots of hits, and we’ve seen him already, but for once he may have a second song of the day. I hope the message is the same for you: I have had a very good year! Enjoy:

Frank Sinatra- It Was A Very Good Year

Song of the day: Abba- Happy New Year

Happy new year!

Finally, it’s a new year, 2013!
And I thought: Let’s put on a song which brings my message: ABBA with Happy New Year!

Well, I will watch some more fireworks, and then off to bed! And we’ll see later about the rest of the songs!