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Music Documentary 5: About David Bowie

It has been a while since I published the last music documentary here. There were two problems: firstly it was much too nice weather to sit inside watching the TV, secondly there was a problem with the programmes broadcasted. As far as I could see there were no music documentaries on in the summer, but luckily the season has started again.

Last week I saw a documentary about one of the most intruiging people in the music world: David Bowie. It’s not only his music which is superb, it’s his image, too. Seeing this documentary completed my vision of him as a person who changed his image, but there was more: I was able to place the music from the collector album we have in different periods, and doing this I got a good picture of how he developed his style.

There is one problem: I could not find a link to the documentary in English, no link at all, actually.

Maybe you find it somewhere, it’s called David Bowie: Five Years, a documentary from 2013. If you have a link, share it with us!


Music documentary 2: About the Bee Gees

If you ask me to name a band which was important in different streams of music, I will think some time and then give an answer: the Bee Gees.
They had lots of hits in different years, varying from the sixties to the nineties, and they were important in the music for the disco. As they say in the documentary, they actually made the disco.

The documentary I want to discuss is called In Our Own Time. It is made up out of several interviews, with some nice performances. In the documentary, all their years come along, and it is build up logically. Starting with a live performance, then going on with the prehistory of the Bee Gees, then the start, the “in between” years, and then the Fever.

Unfortunately two of the three members died in the past years. The strange thing is that the oldest is still standing!
Enjoy this documentary, you can find it in several parts on YouTube. Here’s part 1 of In Our Own Time.

Music documentary 1: About The Doors

I intend to give some attention to a music documentary here every week.
And I thought that it might be nice kicking off with a documentary about The Doors I saw some weeks ago. It is called When You’re Strange, and it told the story of the Doors quite good. I didn’t know a lot about the Doors before it, but I decided to fill this missing knowledge by watching the documentary. It is made good, with a lot of archive material, the voice of Johnny Depp telling the story of the Doors. There were some parts in between the archive material I didn’t see the use of, when a man who is riding his car, but that can be my fault…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a link to a website where the whole movie can be watched, so if you have it…

The documentary is worth watching if you don’t know a lot about the Doors, and I think fans who have not seen it yet might enjoy it as well.

Rating: ****