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FlinterFile: Kenny Loggins- Footloose


Dean Pitchfork wrote a script for a movie which was released in 1984. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Aretha Franklin- Look Into Your Heart


In 1976, the movie Sparkle was released. Irene Cara starred in the movie, in which music played an important role. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: George Gershwin- An American In Paris


In 1928, George Gershwin wrote one of his best known pieces of music. It became best known for the use in the movie from 1951, starring Gene Kelly. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)


In 1988, Craig and Charlie Reid had their only hit in America. The twins from Scotland had a lot of luck with the song. It was written in 45 minutes, as the chords came just as if they had always been around. The song, about being in love with a woman for the rest of your life, was sung in a Scottish accent, which probably helped in its success. It was used in a movie, Benny & Joon, which helped it to become a hit in America. The funny thing is that the brothers did not know it was used in the movie. However, it was a number 11 hit in the UK and number 3 in the US. Enjoy

The Proclaimers- I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

FlinterFile: Gene Pitney- Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa


In 1964, Gene Pitney continued his work with the songwriter-duo Burt Bacharach and Hal David. They had earlier written the song The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which was written for the movie with the same name, but never used. The new song was not written for a movie, since there was no movie to write for. Therefore, Hal David came up with his own movie plot. The song has a simple plot: a man gives in to temptation.The song became one of the biggest hits for Gene Pitney, peaking at number 5 in the UK and number 17 in the US. Enjoy

Gene Pitney- Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa

FlinterFile: B.J. Thomas- Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head


In 1969, Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote a song for a movie. They gave it to Ray Stevens, who turned it down, and Bob Dylan, who did the same. At the time, Dionne Warwick was recording songs on the same label as B.J. Thomas. She took one of his tapes and gave it to Bacharach, who then offered him the song. He recorded it when he just had been ill, which made his voice sound raspy. A few weeks later he recorded the single version. The raspy version was good for the movie, the other version (made from three different takes) was good for the number 1 position in the US. Enjoy

B.J. Thomas- Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Song of the day: Georgie Fame- The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde

ballad of bonnie & clyde

In 1968, Georgie Fame released a song which was inspired by a movie. This was the movie Bonnie & Clyde, which was about the real duo Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, both gangsters, who led a gang in the thirties. They robbed banks and small stores, and killed several civilians and police officers. All together they became the most famous gangster duo, and the movie inspired Mitch Murray and Pete Callender to write a song about them. Georgie Fame was signed to CBS and looking for a hit. This song became the hit, but during the recordings, it was the question if the song would ever be released: there were many problems with the sound effects and the recorded tracks. Eventually all problems were solved and a number 1 hit in the UK was created. Enjoy

Georgie Fame- The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde

The musical Minions movie


Minions. This summer, you can’t avoid them. They are everywhere. The cause for this all is the new movie around them: the minion movie. Is it worth to take a look when you don’t like minions, but you do like music?

The answer is definitively yes. The Minion Movie is full of small jokes, which will not be understood by children, but probably you will understand them. This varies from a small shot of a billboard with Nixon on it, to complete songs from the sixties. In the movie, you will hear songs by the Doors, the Kinks, the Beatles, and many more big artists from the sixties. In the first moments of the movie, you already will be confronted with the Turtles (Happy Together).

The music is not only there to be heard. You will also see a lot of visual jokes with music in them. The Beatles (well, er, their legs) do have a small role (and please notice that the VW Beetle has been replaced by a VW bus). You will understand that I’m talking about Abbey Road. Furthermore, a minion tries to put the Who and Jimi Hendrix in one (which works out quite well) and if you pay close attention, you will see the Blues Brothers in the public.

Apart from the many references to music (these are just some of them), there are a lot of references to movies. Yes, the Blues Brothers with their police car chase is there, just as the Ghostbusters, King Kong, Godzilla, and many, many, many more. James Bond, too (notice the music with Scarlett Overkill).

The Minions take the sixties, mix a lot of it together and that gives us a nice movie. Probably you will enjoy it more than your children will do, as they don’t understand all of the references. But mind you: the children are just happy to see the minions.

Song of the day: Rose Royce- Car Wash


In 1976, the group Rose Royce debuted with a single which established their position in disco. The song was written by Norman Whitfield and also produced by him, and it was made for the movie with the same name. This because Motown, the label the band was with, had some financial problems and Rose Royce only was a backing band. It turned out to be a good decision, since the song would make it to number one in the US and number nine in the UK. Enjoy

Rose Royce- Car Wash

Song of the day: Starship- Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now


I heard this song on the radio lately, and thought: yes, this is a good song, too. It’s made by a band who had several incarnations, such as Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Starship, etc. This single is made by Starship, just as We Built This City. However, it’s not that single I want to discuss. It’s an other hit by them.

This song was made for the movie Mannequin. I’ve never seen it, but I know the single, which has been on number one in several hit charts. Grace Slick was singing, and until that time she was the oldest female singer to reach number one (the record was broken by Cher with Believe)

Let’s enjoy

Starship- Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now