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Song of the day: Tasmin Archer- Sleeping Satellite


The nineties brought forth some great songs, including this one! Her voice fits the song very good, the music is good, and the total makes a hit! And it was an international hit, but not on the place where it’s about: the Moon, the Sleeping Satellite she’s singing about. Great, isn’t it? Enjoy:

Tasmin Archer- Sleeping Satellite

Song of the day: Toploader- Dancing In The Moonlight

Hello everyone,

We will continue dancing today. Imagine… it is night, and you are dancing. The moon shines…
You already know, don’t you?

Toploader with Dancing In The Moonlight.

And that was a week dancing! Maybe we continue on Saturday, but I have to see what I can find…

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Song of the day: Loona- Bailando

Hi there,

I’ve got something Dutch and exotic for you! And you can dance on it very good…
One hint: The translation of the name in English is moon…

It’s Loona with Bailando, to get the summer feeling!

Have fun!