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Song of the day: Ironhorse- Sweet Louise

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The band Ironhorse only had one hit, and it was not even a big one. The band was formed by Randy Bachman, who was a member of Bachman Turner Overdrive, and he was the band together with Tom Sparks, Chris Leighton and Ron Foos. They made the song Sweet Louise, which was a minor hit in the US, peaking at number 36. In the UK the song made it to 60, in Canada to 26. They released two albums before they turned into another group, with a new member (for the ones who want to know: Fred Turner, who was in Bachman Turner Overdrive), namely Union. A nice detail is that Randy Bachman wants to get Ironhorse together again and touring, since he wants to release the two albums on CD! Enjoy

Ironhorse- Sweet Louise


Song of the day: Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness

lana del rey summertime sadness

In 2012, Lana Del Rey released her second album. From this album, the song Video Games became a big hit, but there were some singles following the first single, though not charting. This song was a minor hit in many countries, and is mostly heard in a (awfull) remix. The original is, in all its purity, a pearl which makes you sad because summer seems to end… listen to

Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness

Song of the day: Londonbeat- You Bring On The Sun


It may seem as a strange choice, the song of today. Of course, it’s danceable (since it’s Saturday), but still… it never was a big hit. Londonbeat is mostly known from I’ve Been Thinking About You, which reached number one in a lot of countries. In 1992, they released a new album: Harmony. On this album, the song of today is included. In the UK the song reached 32, so it was a minor hit. However, it was a bigger hit in the Netherlands (5), Germany (6) and Sweden (9). The song has the summer feeling and is danceable, so let’s enjoy

Londonbeat- You Bring On The Sun