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Song of the day: Squeeze- Tempted


In 1981, Squeeze released its fourth album. From this album, the second single would be Tempted. It was sung by Paul Carrack, who normally played the keyboard. Later he would sing in the band Mike & The Mechanics. This song was produced by Elvis Costello, but it did not make it to the top 40 in any country: number 41 in the UK, number 49 in the US and even number 90 in Australia… however, over time and due to the use in several commercials, it has become a classic. Enjoy

Squeeze- Tempted

Song of the day: Mike & The Mechanics- Word Of Mouth

mike & the mechanics word of mouth

I heard the song on the radio this week, and I was completely overthrown. I had a complete feeling I was part of a crowd, watching a show by the band. It was the first song ever I have heard of Mike & The Mechanics, but what a song! Wow! I’m still speechless about the feeling it brings to me. Enjoy it yourself:

Mike & The Mechanics- Word Of Mouth

P.S. Further research has prooved I knew them of Over My Shoulder, but this is twice as good!