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Song of the day: M- Pop Muzik

m pop muzik

Saturday night: disco night. And therefore we have our disco records from the eighties, the eurodance from the nineties and everything which is danceable. Today, we can enjoy and dance to a record from the late seventies.  The song was recorded by M, which was a sort of band, lead by Robin Scott. He wanted to have a record which made 25 years of pop music come together. Using disco music, he did it. As he himself said: rock ‘n roll created a generation gap, disco made people come together. It had to be a simple statement: everyone is talking about pop music. Well, he certainly made his statement in several clubs, because the single went up in the charts, almost everywhere peaking in the top 5, and in a lot of countries even making it to number one! Enjoy dancing to

M- Pop Muzik


Song of the day: Crash Test Dummies- Mmm mmm mmm mmm


Here we go with another song of the day.
I saw that I was approaching the 100 posts, so I want to write post number 100 on the last day of this year!
Okay, first the song of today.

This song has impressed me in the positive way, so it’s the song of the day. The clip is also nice to see.
The title of the song has 12 letters, but actually it’s only one letter.
I’m talking about the Crash Test Dummies. The song is called Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.

Watch it and I hope it impresses you as well!