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Song of the day: The Sugarhill Gang- Rapper’s Delight


I must admit: I’ve commited a serious crime. A very big one. I have not featured this song earlier, and that’s a shame for me, since I’m a huge fan of the song and especially the long version. In the last weeks, I’ve practised on this song, since I want to learn to rap the complete version. It’s difficult to do, but the first part is conquered! I can do the first lines, till “I am wonder Mike and I would like to say hello”. Enjoy

The Sugarhill Gang- Rapper’s Delight


Song of the day: Roger Sanchez- Another Chance


Oh yeah! Some songs you hear, forget a while, then you hear them again, and every time you think: I should buy it on CD. And then you forget it again.
It’s actually my story with this song… but now it’s on a list of songs which I want on CD.
Why do I want it? Firstly, it’s a great dance track. Secondly, it makes me happy, thirdly: the tune sticks in my mind and keeps playing for one day…

And it sounds sunny, so reason enough for Roger Sanchez to be song of the day! Enjoy Another Chance (the long version, because I can’t get enough!!

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