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FlinterFile: Wings- London Town

Paul McCartney had quite a challenge when he started recording the new album London Town in 1978. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Ralph McTell- Streets Of London


This song was already recorded in 1969, to be released on the album Spiral Staircase. He did not release the song as a single until 1974, but then it would become a huge success. The song would make it to number two in the UK, not strange if you know that the single would do 90000 copies a day at one point. And the setting of London might have to do something with it too: it was originally set in Paris, but then Ralph McTell realized he was singing about London: he changed the scene and the rest is history. Enjoy

Ralph McTell- The Streets Of London

Song(s) of the day: Kensington- Home Again / Emeli Sandé- Clown

Hello there,

Today two songs, and both are new!

The first song is made by a Dutch band, and they have named themselves after a part of London.
They are busy since 2005, but their new single is really good!
It’s Kensington with Home Again!

The second song is made by a singer from Scotland. She is busy since 2009, and has had a few big hits in the past year.
The latest hit was together with Labyrinth.
Yes, it’s Emeli Sandé with Clown!

Next week I’ve two other selections for you!

Song of the day: Pink Floyd- Another Brick In The Wall

Hello everyone,

I made a little mistake… On the first of December I said: Tomorrow a song which has to do with the Berlin wall.
Problem: Yesterday it was Michael Jackson with Thriller. Not really a song about the wall…

But here it is, the song about the wall:Pink Floyd with Another Brick In The Wall.

The clip is very special. Partly drawn, and partly video of a grey London. The children are locked up between walls…

Tomorrow a new song, with a happy clip!