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Summer Song of the Day Top 20: The Complete List

The list has finished today. The number 1 is known. The rest is known, too.
And since I had already taken the trouble of making a list, it’s simple to put it online.
You can read it and maybe show it later to your (grand)children, for some reason I would not know.

For the ones who are interested, download it here.


Song of the day: Ritchie Valens- La Bamba


More summer, sunny rock ‘n roll on its way. What a record!
Later this record was covered by Los Lobos, but I prefer this record, since it’s the original.
Really rock ‘n roll, it sounds summer, it’s Ritchie Valens with La Bamba!
Later he died in the big plane crash, which was later known as “the day the music died”. This phrase of course comes from American Pie by Don McLean, who saw the people in the plane as the basement for the music.

Mmm… summer is coming now! And some inspiration for a new list, too…
Maybe tomorrow more about that.