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Song of the day: Level 42- Running In The Family


In 1987, Level 42 released its seventh studio album, and one of the singles is the title track. It was a number 6 hit in the UK, and that’s not strange: there were some UK singles that had a fault in the pressing, making it skip some times. In the US, the single did number 83. It made them famous in quite some countries that they had not yet reached. The song was there already in 1986, live with different lyrics. Enjoy

Level 42- Running In The Family


Song of the day: Level 42- Lessons In Love

Hello there,

Today some lessons. And not in the usual subjects like maths and grammar, but in something else…
Maybe one of the most important things in life…

It’s Level 42 with Lessons In Love.

I think it’s a very good song!

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