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Song of the day: The Champs- Tequila

the champs tequila

Today another number 1 hit in the US pop and R&B charts, but this is an instrumental track with the word Tequila said three times in the whole song! The song was recorded in 1958 and had a sense of Latin music, since it was based on a Cuban mambo beat! Gene Autrey had signed Dave Burgess on his label in 1957, but Dave had not produced any hits till the end of 1957. At a recording session, Train to Nowhere (written by Dave) was recorded, as well as Tequila. This would be the b-side. Train to Nowhere was no success, Tequila became a success when a DJ flipped the single. Enjoy

The Champs- Tequila


Song of the day: Negrocan- Cada Vez

negrocan cada vez

Our story of today starts in 1991, when a group of several artists is formed. The artists come from different countries, namely Italy, England, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. They name themselves  Negrocan. Their style has some funk in it, but also the clear inspiration of Latin and some soul. That combines in a single, Cada Vez, which is still played a lot during the summer. Enjoy

Negrocan- Cada Vez

Song of the day: Santa Esmeralda- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood


Back to the seventies today! The original of the song dates back to 1964, when Nina Simone recorded it. Then it was taken by the Animals, who recorded their version in 1965. Santa Esmeralda took the arrangement of the Animals and added a disco flavour to it, including some flamenco, salsa and other Latin sounds. It first did very well in the club circuit, where it was taken in a very long version, and the shortened version became a hit in the “normal” charts, like the Billboard Hot 100 (number 15). And today we enjoy these exotic sounds:

Santa Esmeralda- Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Song of the day: Elvis Crespo- Suavemente

elvis crespo suavemente

The singer of this song started as the lead singer of some bands, his last being Grupo Manía. They scored a hit, but he decided for himself to go solo and have hits on his own. His son was singing the song a whole afternoon, telling Elvis Crespo it would be a hit. And indeed, the song was a hit, when Elvis Crespo recorded it. It hit number one on the Billboard Latin Chart, and was the best selling Latin single of 1998. And of course, it makes you wanna dance. Enjoy the summer sound of

Elvis Crespo- Suavemente

Song of the day: Mink Deville- Spanish Stroll


In 1976, Mink DeVille released his debute album. One of the singles on the album was Spanish Stroll. Though Mink DeVille did not have a lot of hits, this song charted in the UK at place 20 and in the Netherlands it even reached place 3! The writer of the song was Willy DeVille. Now you are thinking: his father? No. Mink DeVille was a rock group, with Willy DeVille as the frontman. The bassist of the group spoke the part during the break, which makes it sound like a real summer record. Enjoy

Mink DeVille- Spanish Stroll