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Song of the day: Charles D Lewis- Soca Dance


The origin of this song lays in 1989. A French TV-station supports the Lambada, which becomes a big summer hit and has a dance with it. The year after, so in 1990, they decide to try the same trick again. They search for a combination between a dance and exotic sounds. The final choice is made for this song. The song became a huge hit in France, charting at number one as the highest position, just like in Belgium. In Germany it reached number 10. Enjoy

Charles D. Lewis- Soca Dance

Song of the day: Kaoma- Lambada


Songs with a dance with them always work out very well. Take for example The Ketchup Song of yesterday, the Macarena (who doesn’t know how to dance the macarena?), and the song of today. It was a big eighties summer hit which made the Lambada popular again. It was released in 1989, and in 1990 two movies were released, both based on the lambada.

The two kids playing in the music video both started a musical career after the success of Kaoma’s Lambada, but I don’t know if they ever have made hits…

Today the song by Kaoma is in the spotlights:

Kaoma- Lambada