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Song of the day: André Rieu- Crowning Waltz / Krystl- Circles

Yeah! Two songs today, both new!

I want to apologize for the little information provided today, but I don’t have a lot of time today. Maybe more information tomorrow!

The first song is made by Krystl, who we have seen before in the song of the day.
She made a very good new single, which is worth listening to: Circles!

The second song is made by a violist called André Rieu! He made for the change of the crown in the Netherlands a Crowningwaltz, which is the second song of today.

Tomorrow another song, and more information!

Song of the day: Krystl- Golden Days

Hello everyone,

The new song of the day is made by a Dutch singer, who is just starting. However, she’s made some great songs, and one of them is the song of today!
The singer where I’m talking about, is Krystl. Her song is called Golden Days.

It’s a good song, isn’t it?
Thought so!

Want to hear more of Krystl?
Listen to:

-Fool for you