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Song of the day: Kraftwerk- Autobahn

Kraftwerk is one of the bands that were very influential in music. They were one of the first who didn’t use normal instruments and opened up the way for dance, house, techno, hip hop and the more. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Amanda Lear- Follow Me


In 1978, Amanda Lear released one of her biggest hits. The song, written by Amanda Lear, is a part of a bigger story about the devil tempting a girl. This part is about seduction. The music is inspired by Kraftwerk, but also fits in the disco era. Later it would be covered in several versions, including a High-NRG version. The song became a hit, peaking at number 3 in Germany and the Netherlands, and was also in the top 10 of a lot of European countries. Enjoy

Amanda Lear- Follow Me

Song of the day: Kraftwerk- Das Modell

kraftwerk das modell

In 1978, Kraftwerk released their new album Die Mensch-Maschine. One of the main singles was inspired by some models in a night club. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Daft Punk- One More Time


Yesterday I was talking to a friend, who had some ideas for the Song of the day. Some of them were good, but will be put on in September, because now it’s time for the summer!
When we were talking we came to one of the strangest electronic music duo’s of now. There are a lot of DJ’s active who make hits, but those two are a little bit more weird than the rest.
I mean: normal DJ’s don’t wear helmets while performing… we actually didn’t see them without, until earlier this month… just Google!
Their music reminds me mostly of Kraftwerk, the finders of this genre, as I believe… they started in the 1970s, so that is very early!
Later, I will make an article dedicated to Kraftwerk, but firstly, let’s enjoy the sound of Daft Punk’s One More Time!

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