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FlinterFile: The Beach Boys- Sloop John B.

1966 the-beach-boys-sloop-john-b-1966-6

In 1966, the Beach Boys released their legendary album Pet Sounds. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Kingston Trio- Tom Dooley


Again a number 1 hit in the US charts, and this one is an old murderballad! The story of Tom Dooley was based on the murder of Laura Foster in 1866. Her lover and fiancé, Tom Dula, was convicted for this murder. He had to hang for this murder, as is sung in the song. Thomas C. Land, a poet, wrote a poem about it and that’s how it ended up in the folk scene. Here, several recordings were made, but none were more successful than the version of the Kingston Trio. Enjoy

The Kingston Trio- Tom Dooley

Song of the day: The Monkees- Daydream Believer


Sometimes the names of bands do ring a bell, but you can’t put your finger on which hit they had. That was the case for me with the Monkees. A sixties band, which had some hits, but are mostly forgotten because the Beatles and the Stones were bigger. However, it’s a great band. And to find out from which hit I knew them, I went on the digital speedway. I’m A Believer was not familiar, but this song was. The song was composed by John Stewart, then still a member of the Kingston Trio. On a party he met the producer of the Monkees, who was looking for songs. The song was already turned down twice, but Chip Douglas, the producer, saw a hit in it. The Monkees then took it and recorded it as the first, and went up to the highest position in the Billboard chart: number one! Enjoy

The Monkees- Daydream Believer