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FlinterFile: Years & Years- King

years & years king

In 2015, a band called Years & Years popped up. With an intoxicating song called King, written by the singer Olly Alexander, they went up in the charts. The song itself is about a relationship, which can be very addicting, and about the decline of a relationship, where you would want the other to end it. As it was written from his experiences, it was very close to him. However, there’s no pain to be heard in the song: it’s uptempo and, as said, very intoxicating. No wonder it made number 1 in the UK! Enjoy

Years & Years- King


Song of the day: King- Love & Pride

king love and pride

Dance music? I love it! And that’s why you see dance music regularly on this blog. This is another classic from the eighties! Of course, eighties music is good music, but it’s also the time of disco! And actually, this was the debute from King. A very good debute, because it is the only song I know by them. I was actually puzzled when I came across a Best Of album on the internet. Did they have more hits? I don’t know… But for today, enjoy:

King- Love & Pride

Song of the day: André Rieu- Crowning Waltz / Krystl- Circles

Yeah! Two songs today, both new!

I want to apologize for the little information provided today, but I don’t have a lot of time today. Maybe more information tomorrow!

The first song is made by Krystl, who we have seen before in the song of the day.
She made a very good new single, which is worth listening to: Circles!

The second song is made by a violist called André Rieu! He made for the change of the crown in the Netherlands a Crowningwaltz, which is the second song of today.

Tomorrow another song, and more information!