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Song of the day: KC And The Sunshine Band- Keep It Comin’ Love

kcandsunshine keep it coming

In 1977, KC & the Sunshine Band brought in the sun with a Carribean influenced song. With a title that can be interpreted in some ways, it was another big hit for them. In the US it was a number 2 hit, in the UK it was not that much of a hit, number 31. Enjoy

KC & The Sunshine Band- Keep It Comin’ Love

Song of the day: KC & The Sunshine Band- Give It Up


Today it’s Saturday! And this means: disco! Or, since it is a song from 1983, it is maybe post-disco. However, you can’t say KC & The Sunshine Band without saying disco, so let’s say it is disco. This song meant the comeback for KC & The Sunshine Band, because they did not have hits for a few years. This song went to number 18 in the US, and in August 1983 it was a real summer hit, since it was number 1!!! You already know what to do: get dancing to

KC & The Sunshine Band- Give It Up

Song of the day: Double You- Please Don’t Go

double you please don't go

A nineties dance hit and oh, I like it so much! So I searched for it on Wikipedia, but there didn’t seem to be a page about this song. However, there was a page about a KC & The Sunshine Band song with the same name, and curious as I am, I thought: let’s take a look. And then I discovered it was a cover of the song by KC & The Sunshine Band! So what did I do? Listen to the original… Man… maybe it would have been better if I didn’t do that… what a drama! So I feature the cover, which is much better…


Double You- Please Don’t Go