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Song of the day: Iggy Pop- Candy


In 1990, Iggy Pop recorded a duet with Kate Pierson (the B-52’s). In the song, Iggy looks back at an old relationship with a woman, Betsy. Kate brought in the perspective of the woman, who misses him as well. The idea of the song worked out well, making it to number 7 in the Netherlands. In the US, it made it to number 28. Enjoy

Iggy Pop- Candy


Song of the day: B-52’s- Love Shack


That’s clear, isn’t it? The biggest hit from the B-52’s is the song of the day. But, listening to this song, I always ask myself: where did it come from? Did it just fall out of the sky? No, of course not. Songs don’t fall from the skies. If it were that easy, we would have millions of song writers.

It is said the inspiration came from a cabin with a tin roof (from which the line Tin Roof… Rusted came), where the singer of the band, Kate Pierson lived.

They made a nice song around it, whcih sounds happy and is like summer: The Love Shack. Enjoy!

The B-52’s- Love Shack

Song of the day: R.E.M. & Kate Pierson- Shiny Happy People

Hi there,

Today a duet between a singer and a band. The single was released in 1991, and it was quite a hit.
It’s one of the songs which brought success for the band in Holland, but also in other countries.

It are R.E.M. and Kate Pierson with Shiny Happy People!

Tomorrow another song!