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FlinterFile: Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush actually named this song Deal With God. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Kate Bush- Rocket Man


In 1991, a tribute to Elton John and Bernie Taupin was released. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Kate Bush- Cloudbusting

kate bush cloudbusting

In 1985, Kate Bush released the album The Hounds Of Love, which would peak in the album charts. One of the singles, Cloudbusting, was inspired by a book, A Book Of Dreams, which Kate Bush had read. The song tells the story of the writer, Peter Reich, who would go and make rain with his father, using a cloudbuster (as seen on the photo). It would chart at number 20 in the UK, and number 11 in the Netherlands. Enjoy

Kate Bush- Cloudbusting

Song of the day: Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights

kate bush wuthering heights

I read the book Wuthering Heights in the last period of the past schoolyear (assignments are on the blog, too), and after I had my oral, I thought: well, let’s listen to the song by Kate Bush. And hearing the text, together with the music, send shivers down my spine. Why? I don’t know. It probably had to do with the understanding of the text (if you’ve read the book, you’ll understand what I mean) and the singing of Kate Bush. So for today, listen to:

Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights (Shortened movie with the white dress)

Kate Bush- Wuthering Heights (Full movie with the red dress)