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FlinterFile: The Smiths- Bigmouth Strikes Again


In 1986, the Smiths had a new album, The Queen Is Dead. Johnny Marr, the guitarist, wanted it to be the first single of the album, as it was their answer to the song Jumpin’ Jack Flash by Rolling Stones. It marked a new sound they had, which caused some problems when they were recording the song. Morrissey, the singer, also sung the high-pitched part in the background. When he had to record his own parts, he kept on laughing, because he heard himself on such a high pitch. Eventually, they put the normal part in during the recording, and later replaced it with the high-pitched version. The lyrics describe the media, and how they can make people mad. In the UK chart, it was a number 26 hit. Enjoy

The Smiths- Bigmouth Strikes Again