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FlinterFile: Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood- Jackson

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood released their duet Jackson in 1967. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue


In 1969, Shel Silverstein (later he wrote Sylvia’s Mother) wrote A Boy Named Sue, inspired by a friend who was called Jean, a name for a woman. The song came to Johnny Cash through his wife, June Carter, who attended a guitar grab event (musicians are in a circle, one guitar, and they play their new songs when they have the guitar). Shel was there, played his song, and when Johnny Cash was off to San Quentin Prison, his wife suggested playing the song. It was recorded live, and hit the US chart at number 2 and the UK chart at number 4. Enjoy

Johnny Cash- A Boy Named Sue

Song of the day: The Killers- Human

human killers

In 2008, the Killers released their first single from their third album. By the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, the song has once been described as Johnny Cash meeting the Pet Shop Boys. The song was actually completely finished by the time they released a compilation album, but they thought it was too good for the compilation. They kept it and changed not a lot, and it worked: the song was number 32 in the US, number 3 in the UK and number 2 in the Netherlands, where it was their first top ten hit. Enjoy

The Killers- Human

Song of the day: Roy Orbison- Ooby Dooby

roy orbison ooby dooby

It wasn’t the first, but the second single Roy Orbison ever released. He did so in 1956, and reached the US chart with it on number 59. In this time, Roy Orbison still was with a band, the Teen Kings. They got the advice of Johnny Cash to join Sun Records. They did so, recorded Ooby Dooby, and then the band left Orbison. He went on as a solo-artist, having hits with Pretty Woman and You Got It. Enjoy

Roy Orbison- Ooby Dooby

Song of the day: John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Roads


If I say John Denver, you’ll probably think about the song of the day. Not strange, since it was the first big hit John Denver had. In the US, it would be number 2. After this song, a lot of other songs would follow. In West Virginia, the song is still seen as the icon of the state: not strange, the state is described as almost heaven! The song was written by Danoff and Nivert, who wanted to sell it to Johnny Cash. John Denver decided to take the song, a decision he would never regret! Enjoy

John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Roads

Song of the day: Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire


I think it was three years ago, when our geography teacher gave us the task to make a project about some things like earthquakes and volcanoes. One group had to find out some things about the Ring of Fire. The teacher mentioned the song with it, which was the sign for me to think: let’s give it a listen! Now i love the song a lot, so the song of the day is:

Johnny Cash- Ring Of Fire