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Song of the day: Stealers Wheel- Stuck In The Middle With You

stuck in the middle with you stealers wheel

Yes, this is the band in which Gerry Rafferty started. Together with a school friend, Joe Egan, he started with Stealers Wheel in 1972. For three years, they made songs, till they broke up in 1975. After that, Gerry Rafferty had the hit Baker Street. Stealers Wheel had a few hits, of which this was the biggest. It went up to a sixth place in the USA and in the UK to the eight place. It was based on a real occassion, when Rafferty and Egan were discussing business with their producers over a table in a restaurant! And since some crazy things become hits, they recorded a song about it. Enjoy the result:

Stealers Wheel- Stuck In The Middle With You