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FlinterFile: Jimmy Webb- P.F. Sloan


P.F. Sloan

In 1971, Jimmy Webb wrote a song for his fried P.F. Sloan. He had already written By The Time I Get To PhoenixMacArthur Park, and others. This, however, was the first song he sung. He took Fred Tackett, another friend, to help him with playing the music for the song. Although the album got good reviews, the album did not sell well.

P.F. Sloan, the man for whom the song is written, was the writer of Eve of Destruction. He played guitar for the Mamas and the Papas, composed several other songs, but never had a hit with his own recordings. He thought it was the music industry, who isolated him for having such a strong text in Eve of Destruction. Probably he was just a better composer.

P.F. Sloan passed away on Sunday night, 15 November. He was 70 years old.


Jimmy Webb- P.F. Sloan

Song of the day: Glen Campbell- By The Time I Get To Phoenix

by the time i get to phoenix campbell

In 1965, Johnny Rivers released a song that was written by Jimmy Webb. The song was inspired by the breakup of Jimmy Webb with Susan Horton. Earlier, MacArthur Park was written about their happy times together. Two years later, in 1967, Glen Campbell decided to cover it for his album (which has the same name). However, if you wish to follow the song literally, don’t do that! It’s impossible, and as Webb explained: it is some sort of dream. The song would be a hit in the US country chart (number 2) and number 26 in the general chart. Enjoy

Glen Campbell- By The Time I Get To Phoenix