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FlinterFile: Mark Knopfler- Sailing To Philadelphia

In 2000, Mark Knopfler released his solo album Sailing to Philadelphia. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Carole King- So Far Away


The album Tapestry brought us several singles, including this song, which was the fourth single from the album. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Neil Young- Heart Of Gold


In 1971, Neil Young released one of his biggest hits from the album Harvest. It was recorded as an acoustic song, as Neil Young was unable to stand due to a back injury. He recorded the song in Nashville, where James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt were for the TV-show of Johnny Cash. They joined him for the backing vocals. In Canada and the US, it became a number 1 hit, and in the UK it was number 10. Enjoy

Neil Young- Heart Of Gold

Song of the day: James Taylor- You’ve Got A Friend


In 1971, Carole King wrote the song You’ve Got A Friend. Or better put: the song wrote itself, because Carole King feels the song just came out of nowhere. In the same session, James Taylor recorded the song too and had a bigger hit with it. In the US, it would be number 1 and in the UK number 4. Mary Hopkins was also offered the song, before Taylor recorded it, but she turned the song down. Enjoy

James Taylor- You’ve Got A Friend