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Song of the day: Bastille- Pompeii


Great dance music was made this year! And I made a great trip with school to Rome. And that’s why this song is featured. Since we didn’t only go to Rome, but we made a trip to Pompeii, too. And that’s why I want to feature this song by Bastille, which was a big hit this year. Enjoy:

Bastille- Pompeii

Summer Song of the Day #9: Corona- The Rhythm Of The Night


Italian = sun, summer, and in the nineties dance. Because they made a lot of dance music. Good dance music. Like Playahitty from yesterday and Corona of today.
Corona had a few small hits, but the big success was the Summer song of today. The Rhythm Of The Night was released in 1993, and it was their first single.
It still is a good song, and that’s the reason for place 9!

Number 9: Corona- The Rhythm Of The Night