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Song of the day: Raffaella Carra- A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu

raffaela carra a far l'amore comincia tu

This Italian lady is active in more than only singing: she also presents programms on the Italian television and she is an actress. In this role, she acted in Von Ryan’s Express, a movie which also features Frank Sinatra. In 1977, she had a big hit with the song of the day, which was later remixed by Bob Sinclar, which meant a new (smaller) hit. Personally, I like the original very much more than the remix. Therefore, enjoy

Raffaella Carra- A Far L’Amore Comincia Tu


Song of the day: Tiziano Ferro- Perdono

tiziano ferro perdono

In 2001, an Italian singer made his debute with the album Xdono. The lead single made it to number one in lots of countries, like Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. The music was based on a sample of R. Kelly. Though I do not very much like R Kelly, I do like this song. Not typically summer, but it has the right feeling for a summer day with a bit of rain (like today). Enjoy

Tiziano Ferro- Perdono

Song of the day: ICT- Lasciati Tentare


Some nineties today, from that very excellent year: 1997! The name of the Italian group, ICT, did not have anything to do with the computer business. It was an abbreviation for Inspiration Color Trash, hence the colourful cover of the single. The title of the song is Italian for “being touched”. I do not think too much about that: it’s Italian and I don’t speak Italian, so I enjoy the summer sounds of this nice summer hit. Enjoy

ICT- Lasciati Tentare

Song of the day: Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

matia bazar ti sento

Again eighties! However, it seems not to have hit a lot of charts. In the Italian and Belgian charts it was on the highest position, in the Netherlands on spot two. Strangely enough, a cover version by Scooter seems to have had more success… I heard and compared both songs, and the original is just the best! Enjoy the Italian summer sounds of

Matia Bazar- Ti Sento

Song of the day: Zucchero- Il Volo

zucchero il volo

A nineties song in Italian today. And still, I don’t understand a word of it. Volare is flying, I learnt that much with Latin. So this must mean something like The Flight. But the rest of the song… don’t ask me. And apparently, this was not the biggest hit of Zucchero. I think Without a woman, which he did together with Paul Young, was a bigger hit and better known. However, I like this song better. Therefore, a song of the day for

Zucchero- Il Volo

Song of the day: Gala- Freed From Desire

gala freed from desire

Let’s talk about the nineties! A great time period in which I was born. I sometimes find that a shame, since there is a lot of good music coming from the nineties. However, most good music stays, just like the song of the day. It was an Italian artist, she released the single and went to the top of the hit charts. And today? We play it as song of the day! Enjoy

Gala- Freed From Desire

Summer Song of the Day #5: Ryan Paris- Dolce Vita


Simplicity makes things more beautiful. In most cases this is true, more is less…
And in this song it is used very well. No difficult texts, let the music do its part. The result is a very good song with an easy melody which sticks to mind, and brings up the summer!
I must say that the song sticked to mind when I was in Rome last week. I was sitting by the Trevi Fountain, an ice cream in my hand, and this song playing in my mind… lovely!

Number 5: Ryan Paris- Dolce Vita

Song of the day: Eros Ramazotti- Ma Che Bello Questo Amore

eros ramazotti eros

The album Eros by Eros Ramazotti. Some big hits on there, like Cose Della Vita (together with Tina Turner), Musica É (with Andrea Bocelli), but the song of the day is another big hit.
Of course it’s Italian, and mostly Italian = sun! Hot temperatures! Summer! Happy! etc.

This song sounds sunny, happy, and summerlike: it’s Ma Che Bello Questo Amore. I’ve no idea what it means (something like I question love?), but it sounds good.

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