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Song of the day: The Stranglers- Golden Brown

the stranglers golden brown

A strange kind of eighties song today. The release was around the change of the year, so in the US it’s a 1981 single and in the UK it’s a 1982 single. In the UK, it went to number 2 in the chart, causing the single to be the Stranglers highest charted single. I won’t have a go on explaining where the song is about, since there has been a lot of discussion on this topic. Most accepted is that the song can be heard as a song about a girl, but also as a song about heroin. Enough song analysis, just listen to it. A wonderful song with a great intro. Enjoy

The Stranglers- Golden Brown


Song of the day: Melee- Built To Last

melee built to last

A very recent song today, from 2007. And just take a look at the artwork! Isn’t it beautiful? And the song is good, too, although it seemed to have stuck in several charts below the 30. Only in the Netherlands it came to a place 14, what’s too low for me. Just listen to the song, discover the beauty in it. Only the intro is enough to become a fan of this song, and the rest is as good, if not better, than that. The video is good, too (can you find all the movies?). Enjoy

Mêlée- Built To Last

Song of the day: Gino Vannelli- Wild Horses

gino vannelli wild horses

The same year as the song of yesterday, 1987. To me, this is his most known song, but he seems to have had other, bigger hits. I never heard them. This song I’ve heard, otherwise I couldn’t write about it. And it’s about love, mad love, I would call it. Strong, because it would take lots of wild horses to drag Gino away from a girl. But it’s a great song. Just listen to the music: you can hear the horses running, you can feel the arizona plain. And then the keyboard, adding a special touch to the song. Great! Enjoy

Gino Vannelli- Wild Horses

Song of the day: Dexys Midnight Runners- Come On Eileen


I actually had this song in mind for quite some time. Sometimes the intro popped into my head, then it went, it came back again, I heard it on the radio, but it never appeared here. Strange that an article about one of the best albums of all times, which appeared to be one of the Dexy’s Midnight Runners, made me to write a post about this song. So what’s so great about the song? The intro? Maybe. The text? No, not quite that. The music? Not very special to me. What’s left? Also not. But the total is good, and that’s why I want to say “Enjoy

Dexys Midnight Runners- Come On Eileen

Song of the day: Ten Sharp- You


If there’s an intro which is certainly good, it must be this intro. Just a simple piano playing, which goes on, and it’s very intimate. You hear the drum coming through, and then the whole song bursts out in the refrain! Lovely! And I can’t think of a better song which celebrates someone. You may have noticed I’m a big fan of the song, so enjoy:

Ten Sharp- You

Song of the day: Al Stewart- Year Of The Cat

alstewart year of the cat

My my! More good intro’s, this time with a piano as a solo! I guess the seventies were the time of the good intro’s, since I found so much of them during the last days! Of course the song of Al Stewart is very good, although I still don’t know where it is about… something with a cat and a woman? Never really took time to analyse them, even now I’m just looking quickly into them…
However, it’s a great song you should enjoy! (And with a sax!)

Al Stewart- Year Of The Cat

Song of the day: J Geils Band- Centerfold


Talking about good music and nice intro’s, this song has a very good intro. The lyrics are okay, not that Shakespeare would have written them, but I think it’s about the music here. And the nananananananananananana etc. See my point? Listen and forget, but like it…

J. Geils Band- Centerfold

Song of the day: Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

yes owner of a lonely heart

This song is just in one word perfect. A good text, catching melody, good intro, excellent guitars and music, and it is eighties. And it was not only a hit in the eighties, because in 2005 Max Graham remixed the song and released it. It was a big hit, but the original song is a little bit better. So for today, enjoy:

Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Song of the day: Bruce Hornsby & the Range- The Way It Is


Lately, I was listening to the radio. That is not strange for me, since it would be a disaster if my radio would break down.
It plays songs when I’m in my room. If I’m not there, you can notice it because my radio is not playing. Or I’m learning for a test. That’s a possibility, too.

But okay, I was listening to the radio lately, and I heard a song by the Script. And the intro made me think.
I have not heard the rest of the song, it was called If You Could See Me Now, I believe, but the intro made me think of a song from Bruce Hornsby and the Range.
It’s the title track of the album The Way It Is, and the intro is a lot like that intro of the Script. You may think about it your way, of course, but to me it seemed like it was the same.
However, the song by Bruce Hornsby and the Range is a good song, and the intro is, again, a very good intro.

Therefore, The Way It Is is the song of today.

(And if you want to know what my radio is playing right now, when I’m writing this, it’s Robert Miles with Children. It will be song of the day someday, I think, but that’s for another time.)

Song of the day: Gary Moore- Still Got The Blues

gary moore still got the blues

An album which amazed me. I can’t say it otherwise. The first time I heard it, I thought like: Wow!
The part which amazed me a bit was the kind of mix between rock and blues.
And, like I have said the last days as well, my favourite song is the title track…
That’s also because of the great intro this song has. Oh yes,

Gary Moore with Still Got The Blues is the song of the day, and he deserves it!

Song of the day: Chris Rea- Auberge

Chris Rea- Auberge

What a beautiful picture, isn’t it? It’s the front of the album Auberge from Chris Rea.
And on this album, there are some amazingly good tracks. Of course, there is only one song of the day, but if you have some money in your pocket and no idea on what to spend it, go to the recordstore and look if they have this album.
I especially like the title track, Auberge, and therefore it’s the song of the day.
One tip: don’t skip the intro, because you think it’s boring!

Tomorrow another album and another song of the day!

Song of the day: Europe- The Final Countdown

Hello there,

Today we’re going to space. The song of today has a very good intro, and the rest of the song is also really good.
Shall I just tell which song it is?

Okay! Europe with The Final Countdown!

Tomorrow another song…