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FlinterFile: Resonance- O.K. Chicago


Resonance was a band which was formed by Pierre Bachelet, a French musician, and Mat Camison. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Dan The Banjo Man- Dan The Banjo Man


From some songs, you can ask yourself how they ever became hits. This is such a song. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Paul Revere & The Raiders- I Had A Dream


The Raiders originally started as an instrumental rock band, with Paul Revere as leader. Read the rest of this entry

FlinterFile: Focus- Sylvia


In 1972, Focus recorded their biggest hit. Like their other hit, Hocus Pocus, the song was instrumental, apart from a small part of yodeling. The song was already written before Focus existed. Thijs van Leer was in a cabaret band, but did not like the song of another member. He wrote a song for her, but she did not like it, making it go on the shelf. When Focus was formed, the song came from the shelf. Sylvia was played together with Hocus Pocus, making Sylvia hit number 4 in the UK. The US also had a place for the song, though lower than Hocus Pocus, at number 89. Enjoy

Focus- Sylvia (together with Hocus Pocus, performed at the BBC)

Song of the day: The Champs- Tequila

the champs tequila

Today another number 1 hit in the US pop and R&B charts, but this is an instrumental track with the word Tequila said three times in the whole song! The song was recorded in 1958 and had a sense of Latin music, since it was based on a Cuban mambo beat! Gene Autrey had signed Dave Burgess on his label in 1957, but Dave had not produced any hits till the end of 1957. At a recording session, Train to Nowhere (written by Dave) was recorded, as well as Tequila. This would be the b-side. Train to Nowhere was no success, Tequila became a success when a DJ flipped the single. Enjoy

The Champs- Tequila

Song of the day: Giorgio Moroder- Chase


Giorgio Moroder was the man behind the success of Donna Summer, especially for composing the music for I Feel Love. Because of this success, Alan Parker asked Giorgio Moroder to compose music for his movie Midnight Express. Moroder did so and made the piece Chase, which is an electronic instrumental music piece. It would be a number 33 hit in the US, and later, in a remixed version, even a number 1 in the club chart. Enjoy

Giorgio Moroder- Chase

Song of the day: Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene IV

oxygene iv

Electric music from the seventies. No Kraftwerk today, though it is very good music. Another hero from the seventies, Jean Michel Jarre. He made one of the best instrumental tracks of the seventies, Oxygene IV. The last part is important, since it is a part of his series of Oxygene’s. The song was preceded by Autobahn and Popcorn by Hot Butter, which freed the way for Oxygene IV to become a hit in 1977. It is a great song, so enjoy

Jean Michel Jarre- Oxygene IV

Song of the day: Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme


Oh, yes. This is really eighties. For the ones who’ve missed it, Crockett’s Theme is the themesong of Miami Vice. And for the ones who don’t know that one, it was a popular series in the eighties. I’ve never seen it, but I know this song. Instrumental and a very good song! I must say that they drove around in pretty cars, but that’s just some side note. Listen to the lovely music of the synthesizer eighties:

Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme

Song of the day: Booker T & MG’s- Time Is Tight

booker t mg's time is tight

I heard the name in the last weeks a bit too often, so I needed to check out their music. Did I know it? Their name seems to ring a bell, but I’m not entirely sure… So I went on the electrical speedway (called the internet) and looked for the song Time Is Tight. And right at the first notes I knew again who they were. Their music seems familiar, the instrumental version (the real and only version) is superb, and I love it! Enjoy:

Booker T & The MG’s- Time Is Tight

Song of the day: Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street


Mmm… I love this song! If there’s one song which is good, it’s this one. One of the best songs, instrumentally Brilliant and the text is good, too. Especially the saxophone is lovely, but that’s a strange thing which I have: I love saxophones in songs. And this song has it in the music all the time. If he sings, it is not there, but then it reappears, and again I’m happy! Yeah, this is a favourite song which I can hear a lot! Enjoy:

Gerry Rafferty- Baker Street

Song of the day: ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man

ZZ Sharp dressed men

This would actually be one of the last records in the record stores, since alfabetically they are the very last. Z and then another Z, but that didn’t stop the audience from buying their records. I’m not surprised, actually, because the records are good rock! And they had beards… I like how they looked (strangely enough) and their music, too. That’s one of the reasons they are song of today. The other reason is the great instrumental piece in this song. I LOVE it!

So for today, we’ve got:

ZZ Top- Sharp Dressed Man

Song of the day: Big Country- Look Away


The past few days I’ve been listening to an eighties hitlist, so there are quite some eighties hits waiting for you! Let’s start with this nice song, which makes me happy everytime I hear it! It has a catchy refrain, and it is a very good band, too. Actually I don’t know an awful lot of songs from Big Country, but what I do know is all very good! Especially the instrumental pieces are very good, but the total picture is of course what we want to hear! For today I would like you to listen to this excellent song, a big hit in the eighties! Enjoy:

Big Country- Look Away

Song of the day: Eric Prydz- Pjanoo


Well, how am I going to put this? Let’s say it like this: it’s good that I wrote down to make this song song of the day, otherwise it would never be song of the day. It’s a tune which I like very much, so that’s not the problem… It’s my memory. There are lots of songs I know from the first seconds, but some songs won’t stick in my mind. If I hear the song, I know that I’ve heard it before. But which name it has? Mostly I rely on the DJ to tell me, or me looking it up, since I just seem to forget… Even now I wouldn’t know which tune I’m writing about.

However, I know it’s a very good song, so please enjoy:

Eric Prydz- Pjanoo

And I will promise to learn remembering the name with the tune!!! 🙂

Song of the day: AndrĂ© Rieu- Second Waltz

Hello everyone,

Here is the new song of the day:

It’s an instrumental song, and I am almost sure that you know the man who made it.
The fact is, that he almost went bankrupt by making a castle for his show.

I’m talking about AndrĂ© Rieu! The song of today is called the Second Waltz, played by AndrĂ© Rieu and orchestra, live in Maastricht (The Netherlands, and AndrĂ© Rieu was born in Maastricht).

I absolutely love the way AndrĂ© Rieu plays, and I think he’s fantastic.
If you don’t like classical music so much, take a look at this: Conquest of Paradise, played by AndrĂ© Rieu. Absolutely fantastic. You could see the castle, too.

Tomorrow a new song, and it has to do with house…