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Music Documentary 5: About David Bowie

It has been a while since I published the last music documentary here. There were two problems: firstly it was much too nice weather to sit inside watching the TV, secondly there was a problem with the programmes broadcasted. As far as I could see there were no music documentaries on in the summer, but luckily the season has started again.

Last week I saw a documentary about one of the most intruiging people in the music world: David Bowie. It’s not only his music which is superb, it’s his image, too. Seeing this documentary completed my vision of him as a person who changed his image, but there was more: I was able to place the music from the collector album we have in different periods, and doing this I got a good picture of how he developed his style.

There is one problem: I could not find a link to the documentary in English, no link at all, actually.

Maybe you find it somewhere, it’s called David Bowie: Five Years, a documentary from 2013. If you have a link, share it with us!