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Song of the day: The Who- Pinball Wizard


This is a greatest hits album by the Who, one of the best bands which existed and still exist (according to me.)
And almost everyone knows a song by them.

You claim you don’t? Well, do you watch CSI? Any version of it?
If the answer is yes, you know a small part of one of their songs. They use in all three versions of CSI a song made by the Who.
In CSI: Crime Scene Investigation they use Who Are You, in CSI: Miami they use Won’t Get Fooled Again, and in CSI: New York they use Baba O’Riley.
They did many more things. They made the rock opera Tommy, featuring a lot of stars. The Dutch listeners of the Top 2000 know the Ouverture of Tommy in the version by the Metropole Orkest, which is the tune for every hour of the hitlist.
And they made a lot of good songs, like the song of the day is.

They really made too much good songs, it almost was a torture to choose one of them. So I just randomly chose one, which happened to be Pinball Wizard (also from Tommy).


Song of the day: Cock Robin- The Promise You Made

Hi there,

If you talk to me about the eighties, there are hundreds of good records which I can name and tell why I like them.
The song of today is also from the eighties, and it’s one of those good records.
However, there’s no special reason why I find this song good.
It’s just a good record, and it would certainly occur in a list of good records from the eighties.

It’s Cock Robin with The Promise You Made.

Talking about promises, there’s something I want to do. In just some more than a month it’s my birthday.
Since I like music very much, but also hitlists, I want to make a hitlist of the songs of the day.
In a few days, I will put on a voting list for this hitlist. I will put it together and the hitlist will be published on my birthday.
Visit this site regularly, and you will find this voting list.