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Song of the day: Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield- What Have I Done To Deserve This?


Oops! I forgot to feature one of my favourite bands, and that while I’m running song of the day for almost one and a half year. A shame. I know. But now it’s their turn, which means that I have to put on the Pet Shop Boy alarm for a moment. Wait… WHIEOHWIEOHWIEOHWIEOHWIE That’s enough for now, I thought. This song was on their album Actually, which was a great album, including It’s A Sin (which would have been here if this song wasn’t there), Hit Music and One More Chance. This is one of the best songs from the album, so enjoy

The Pet Shop Boys (WIEOHWIEOHWIEOHWIE … The alarm works good, now…) & Dusty Springfield- What Have I Done To Deserve This?