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Song of the day: The Mama’s And The Papa’s- Monday Monday


In 1966, John Phillips wrote a new song for his band. Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Onerepublic- Counting Stars


For the people who followed the series of History of Music, we end the journey now! We’re back in 2014. And nowadays, this is a very big hit. And also a very good song. Onerepublic was ‘discovered’ by a producer called Timbaland, who remixed something, and suddenly Onerepublic was a hit. With their new studioalbum came a new song, and that’s the song of the day. It has been nice to travel with you, you may now loosen your seatbelts and get out the timemachine. From tomorrow on, we will go through time as you know it! Enjoy

OneRepublic- Counting Stars

Song of the day: Mr. Probz- Waves


Last year (2013), we had a massive hit in the Netherlands. A new artist stood up and made an incredible good record. He is Dutch and he made some records already, all had no success. But last year he had this song, which is just good. Enjoy

Mr. Probz- Waves

Song of the day: Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers

i follow rivers

One of the best songs from 2012 was I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li, if you ask me. And of course in the remix, but the original is good, although it’s difficult to find (for me!). And with this song, we are almost at the end of the travel. Two more songs, then we are back in 2014. We will travel through time after that, but not that structured. For now, enjoy

Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers

Song of the day: David Guetta & Sia- Titanium


Yeah, what can we do about this man? I think he’s great, but there are some things, which can be improved! I mean: he knows where to get his beats. He used Felix (Don’t You Want Me) in Sweat, and I heard Shot Me Down, which was originally made by Sonny and Cher! But, this song actually was made by him! Completely original! It’s great to hear it, and I would say: enjoy

David Guetta feat. Sia- Titanium

Song of the day: Owl City- Fireflies


Oh, this song is so cool! I really like it. And it was on one of the first CD’s I bought, a compilation album of 2010. Although it’s nothing special, the idea behind the song and especially the music is so good! Enjoy

Owl City- Fireflies

Song of the day: Milow- Ayo Technology


The last hit for the zeroes, but what do we call the period of time after 2009? No idea. It was a hit in 2009, and actually it’s a cover of a song by 50cent. This is one of the points where a cover actually is better than the original. Yes, they do exist! Enjoy

Milow- Ayo Technology

Song of the day: Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

gabriella cilmi sweet about me

Positive, happy music. I love it! And most of the people thought about it that way, otherwise it would never have been a hit in 2008. Released at the good time (summer and happy is a good combination), it ended up high in the hit charts. Enjoy

Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

Song of the day: Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah


A beautiful song. Beautiful in all its simplicity. Beautiful because of the story that’s been told. Beautiful as a complete song. And a hit in 2007. Enjoy

Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah

Song of the day: Gnarls Barkley- Crazy


Yes, I’m a big fan of Gnarls Barkley. Although he only made two records so far, I am a big fan of him. And then we thought: he does sound a lot like Cee-Lo Green, and we discovered that Cee-Lo Green and Gnarls Barkley were the same person. However, I still love his music, and especially this record is crazy good!Enjoy

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy