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Song of the day: The Mama’s And The Papa’s- Monday Monday


In 1966, John Phillips wrote a new song for his band. Read the rest of this entry


Song of the day: Onerepublic- Counting Stars


For the people who followed the series of History of Music, we end the journey now! We’re back in 2014. And nowadays, this is a very big hit. And also a very good song. Onerepublic was ‘discovered’ by a producer called Timbaland, who remixed something, and suddenly Onerepublic was a hit. With their new studioalbum came a new song, and that’s the song of the day. It has been nice to travel with you, you may now loosen your seatbelts and get out the timemachine. From tomorrow on, we will go through time as you know it! Enjoy

OneRepublic- Counting Stars

Song of the day: Mr. Probz- Waves


Last year (2013), we had a massive hit in the Netherlands. A new artist stood up and made an incredible good record. He is Dutch and he made some records already, all had no success. But last year he had this song, which is just good. Enjoy

Mr. Probz- Waves

Song of the day: Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers

i follow rivers

One of the best songs from 2012 was I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li, if you ask me. And of course in the remix, but the original is good, although it’s difficult to find (for me!). And with this song, we are almost at the end of the travel. Two more songs, then we are back in 2014. We will travel through time after that, but not that structured. For now, enjoy

Lykke Li- I Follow Rivers

Song of the day: David Guetta & Sia- Titanium


Yeah, what can we do about this man? I think he’s great, but there are some things, which can be improved! I mean: he knows where to get his beats. He used Felix (Don’t You Want Me) in Sweat, and I heard Shot Me Down, which was originally made by Sonny and Cher! But, this song actually was made by him! Completely original! It’s great to hear it, and I would say: enjoy

David Guetta feat. Sia- Titanium

Song of the day: Owl City- Fireflies


Oh, this song is so cool! I really like it. And it was on one of the first CD’s I bought, a compilation album of 2010. Although it’s nothing special, the idea behind the song and especially the music is so good! Enjoy

Owl City- Fireflies

Song of the day: Milow- Ayo Technology


The last hit for the zeroes, but what do we call the period of time after 2009? No idea. It was a hit in 2009, and actually it’s a cover of a song by 50cent. This is one of the points where a cover actually is better than the original. Yes, they do exist! Enjoy

Milow- Ayo Technology

Song of the day: Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

gabriella cilmi sweet about me

Positive, happy music. I love it! And most of the people thought about it that way, otherwise it would never have been a hit in 2008. Released at the good time (summer and happy is a good combination), it ended up high in the hit charts. Enjoy

Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

Song of the day: Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah


A beautiful song. Beautiful in all its simplicity. Beautiful because of the story that’s been told. Beautiful as a complete song. And a hit in 2007. Enjoy

Plain White T’s- Hey There Delilah

Song of the day: Gnarls Barkley- Crazy


Yes, I’m a big fan of Gnarls Barkley. Although he only made two records so far, I am a big fan of him. And then we thought: he does sound a lot like Cee-Lo Green, and we discovered that Cee-Lo Green and Gnarls Barkley were the same person. However, I still love his music, and especially this record is crazy good!Enjoy

Gnarls Barkley- Crazy

Song of the day: Daniel Powter- Bad Day

daniel powter bad day

Actually, it was no bad day at all! A very good day, I dare to say! But okay, there are days, that are totally bad. Everything goes wrong, and then you need to hear some happy sounds. And then there is Daniel Powter to give you the strength to carry on. Or at least, he does to me. Enjoy

Daniel Powter- Bad Day

Song of the day: Hoobastank- The Reason

hoobastank the reason

Let’s rock a bit. I say a bit, since it’s not a typical rock song. It’s more, yeah, I don’t know, actually. Difficult to say. A magical song, that’s what it is. You can’t put your finger on it, it was a big hit, and it’s GOOD. That’s what it is. Enjoy

Hoobastank- The Reason

Song of the day: Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River


Completely stunned was I when I found out that one of the members of *NSYNC, a nineties boyband, was Justin Timberlake. I mean: one of the persons who made music which doesn’t fit boy bands, was member of a boyband? No! However, he went solo, and I think that’s good. His solomusic is better than all of the *NSYNC records together. Especially his hit in 2003 is good. Enjoy

Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River

Song of the day: Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor


Someone quickly call the cops! There has been a murder! Just one of the jokes I would make if I would announce this record. Not that I’m announcing, since I don’t work for the radio. I sometimes think about how it would be, but I guess I will never work there. However, I do listen to records, and that’s how I know this is a fantastic record from 2002. It’s, unlike the subject, very happy. Enjoy

Sophie Ellis Bextor- Murder On The Dancefloor

Song of the day: Alicia Keys- Fallin’


In 2001 it was a big hit from Alicia Keys. And it was her first single, and it ment the start of a big career. However, I have to say something. This was good, but after Empire State Of Mind (Part II), it went down. I mean: I hate Brand New Me, and actually all the songs she recently made are not the quality of earlier. So please, Alicia, go on but make better records! And meanwhile, we enjoy

Alicia Keys- Fallin

Song of the day: Marc Anthony- You Sang To Me


I have to confess something: this song is great! And I know, it sounds a bit like all those boy bands from the nineties (now they are just rubbish!), but it is great music. The text is real and the music is simple but it has a meaning. That’s just something which is a bit weird from me. But if you listen to the Backstreet Boys or some other boy band from the nineties, you can conclude that there is some degree of great music in there! Listen to it!

Marc Anthony- You Sang To Me

Song of the day: Ann Lee- 2 Times

ann lee 2 times

This is the last song of the nineties! But okay, then it has to be dance. Soft dance, we can say. But it makes you happy. And I found out that she only made TWO albums! Why? She’s a great singer, especially in the eurodance! Enjoy

Ann Lee- 2 Times

Song of the day: Des’Ree- Life


Okay, I will not talk about the lyrics of this song, because they are just bad. Or maybe not completely, but there are some lines which are not completely convincing:

“I don’t want to see a ghost
It’s a sight that I fear most
I’d rather have a piece of toast”

That’s not very good or logical, is it? However, it feels like the summer is coming a step closer! And it was a big hit in 1998! Enjoy

Des’ree- Life

Song of the day: Sash!- Ecuador

sash ecuador

Oh, how this band fooled me! They are a great band, made lots of great dance music, and I always thought: they are French. I mostly made this up, because of the single Encore Une Fois. How French can it be? But nothing like French is in there. They are German, like lots of great dance artists are. And they made a great song in my birth year, 1997. Enjoy

Sash!- Ecuador

Song of the day: The Fugees- Killing Me Softly

fugees killing me softly

The nineties was not only dance! There was more, like this very tender song. I really adore the singer, since it’s so soft, so smooth, great! And then comes that little beat for the rap, but it’s not like all the rap. It’s like the normal speaking, singing. A great song!

Fugees- Killing Me Softly

Song of the day: Simply Red- Fairground


What’s better than a record which makes you happy, which has a nice beat to dance to, and a band which is good? I would say nothing. In 1995, Simply Red (where did that name come from…) had a big hit with a song which belongs to their best. Although Stars is very good, too. I can’t choose, but enjoy

Simply Red- Fairground

Song of the day: Ace Of Base- The Sign

Ace Of Base - The Sign (1994)

More dance coming to you! In 1994, Ace of Base had another hit, after All That She Wants in 1993. This time, the hit was slightly smaller, but for me, the song is better! The nice thing is that they came from Sweden. After the nineties, it seemed there was a wall around Sweden, since we didn’t hear a lot from there. But now they are back! Enjoy

Ace Of Base- The Sign

Song of the day: Urban Cookie Collective- The Key The Secret

Urban+Cookie+Collective+-+The+Key +The+Secret+-+12'+RECORD_MAXI+SINGLE-246503

Some names stay in your mind forever, since they are so strange… This is the case for the song from 1993. Urban Cookie Collective… The person that made up that name should get a prize, how do you think of that? And I have to say that it’s good dance too.! Dance with a smile, because who isn’t happy when they hear this? Enjoy

Urban Cookie Collective- The Key, The Secret

Song of the day: Jon Secada- Just Another Day


Just relaxed. I know this song from a radio station which my parents listened a lot on holidays, and I still like the song. It takes me to a relaxed mood, and it’s very smooth. A very big hit in 1992, which I can understand. It was a relaxed song, in the midst of all the dance and house. Enjoy

Jon Secada- Just Another Day

Song of the day: KLF & Tammy Wynette- Justified & Ancient

KLFTammy justified and ancient

If you ask me what great dance tracks are, I will come up with something like 2 Unlimited, Faithless and Snap!. But there was a British group in the nineties who did great work, too. I have started to discover their work, with Last Train To Trancentral and this song! What a good song: Tammy Wynette is a great singer, and then combined with the dance beats and the voice giving instructions, such as “Bring The Beat Back!”. The text is just rubbish, but who are they? Driving icecreamvans? What? Go to Mumu land with

The KLF & Tammy Wynette- Justified & Ancient

Song of the day: AC/DC- Thunderstruck

thunderstruck acdc

Now it’s getting heavy! We’re entering the nineties. This means a time with boybands, dance, house and then this is something completely different! I’m not a big fan of AC/DC, but there are songs I like. Highway to Hell is such a song, but this is another of these songs. I mean: it’s great to shout with it, and the intro is just crazy good! And this guy that’s singing for AC/DC is just amazing. Such a voice, but especially his choice of cars (Top Gear, I watch it too). The cars he drives in, open, old, I completely like them! Enjoy

AC/DC- Thunderstruck

Song of the day: John Hiatt- Have A Little Faith In Me


Last song of the eighties today! And what a song: the simplicity of the song is the power of the song, and because of its simplicity, it still is a song which has a lot of power. The piano, together with his rough voice, is all the song needs. It was written when John Hiatt had a difficult time and wanted to hear that someone had a little faith in him. And I guess everyone needs to hear that sometime.

John Hiatt- Have A Little Faith In Me

Song of the day: The Pasadenas- Tribute (Right On)


Yes! 1988! And one of the hits in this year is one of my favourite dance tracks, since there are lots of references to old music in there, and because I’ve got the single (found it in some box, I said: I keep it!). It’s one of the records I have to hear if I’m down to get happy again. Enjoy

The Pasadenas- Tribute

Song of the day: Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme


Oh, yes. This is really eighties. For the ones who’ve missed it, Crockett’s Theme is the themesong of Miami Vice. And for the ones who don’t know that one, it was a popular series in the eighties. I’ve never seen it, but I know this song. Instrumental and a very good song! I must say that they drove around in pretty cars, but that’s just some side note. Listen to the lovely music of the synthesizer eighties:

Jan Hammer- Crockett’s Theme

Song of the day: Survivor- Burning Heart


And suddenly we were in 1986. And of course Survivor had another, bigger hit, made for one of the Rocky movies. However, I’ve had it with that song. The Eye Of The Tiger is getting a bit boring (maybe heard it too much). And when I’m getting bored by a song of an artist, I’m always happy if they had a smaller hit, which is even better! This is the case with Survivor. The Eye of the Tiger is nice, but this hit is better! Enjoy

Survivor- Burning Heart

Song of the day: John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire

john parr st elmo's fire

To be fair with you: I had to look the song up, because I had some idea I knew the song, but I really couldn’t think of any melody or text which belonged to this hit from 1985. I heard the first tones, and I thought: wait, that song! And I absolutely am fan of the chorus (shouting out the words, feels great). So enjoy

John Parr- St. Elmo’s Fire

Song of the day: Sheila E.- Glamorous Life


We’re in 1984! And I really love this song. It’s disco and everything a record needs! A good singer, nice music, maybe this is such a record that is quite perfect! But okay, you know I’m a big discofan, so that’s maybe a bit biased… Throw the furniture to the side of the room, and dance to

Sheila E.- The Glamorous Life

Song of the day: New Order- Blue Monday

new order blue monday

Lately, I’ve been watching a programme, where they told where New Order came from. I must confess: I fell of the couch (almost) when they told what origin they had. Punk, Joy Division to be exact. A PUNK group, who decided to make synthesizer music and dance after the suicide of their frontman Ian Curtis. I wasn’t expecting that, I can tell you that much. But what does it matter? As New Order, they had one big hit which I find very good, and it was a big hit in 1983! Enjoy

New Order- Blue Monday (full 7 minutes!)

Song of the day: Ph. D- I Won’t Let You Down


Yes, 1982! And this is a song which made a big impression on me. Why, I wouldn’t know, but it is special to me. The whole musical arrangment and the voice singing, it seems to fit and to give a special touch to the song. And also the thing they’re saying is special. No, I won’t let you down, so they don’t disappoint. Special in every way and a big hit in 1982. Enjoy

Ph. D- I Won’t Let You Down

Song of the day: Alvin Stardust- Pretend

alvin stardust pretend

A week ago, I had my driving lesson, and whilst driving home, I heard this song through the car. I always liked the song and it put me in a good mood! Therefore, and since it’s a big hit coming from 1981, it is featured in the History Of Music! So I was looking up some information, and I discovered the song was not from 1981! Or at least the original song isn’t. The cover is, but okay, the original was made in 1952. A cover was made in 1959 by Carl Mann, which largely was the base for this song. I never heard the original, but I will search for it, since it could be interesting to compare! Enjoy

Alvin Stardust- Pretend

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

With adding the Beatles to the Hall Of Fame, I should not forget this band! Some say they are better than the Beatles, others say they aren’t. And that’s allowed. Fact is, that in the sixties, you were either fan of the Beatles or the Rolling Stones. I am both, but the conflict has died down a bit. And that’s good, because I really can’t choose. The Beatles are nice boys, making nice songs, but the Rolling Stones are a bit more rough, but also make great music! Thinking about songs as Satisfaction and my personal favourite Paint It Black, I really can’t make up my mind which band is better. They both added something to music, and the Rolling Stones are still great. Rock on, and well deserved: a place in the Hall Of Fame!

The Beatles


Time to add one of the greatest bands in the world to the Hall Of Fame. Or should we say: THE greatest band in the world? Fact is, that they still earn a lot with their albums, whether they are on vinyl or CD, downloads, streaming, etc. Recently, their work was remastered, a “new” CD was released with never released work, and their Number one hits were compiled in a remastered version. The Beatles are still alive and kicking, or at least: their music is. John Lennon has died, unfortunately, as is George Harrison. The only two alive are Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. And they proved that they could do their old trick on the Grammy’s from 2014. After more than fifty years, their music still sounds great and most of them belong to the finest music in the History of Music. They did a lot for music, and therefore this place is well deserved!

Song of the day: Barbra Streisand- Woman In Love


Yes, this woman had a lot of hits. They even made a song about her. Was a little succes, but not one of my favourites. But the songs she made were pretty good. And a lot of them were written by one of the members of the Bee Gees: Robin Gibb! Enjoy:

Barbra Streisand- Woman In Love

Song of the day: Cheap Trick- I Want You To Want Me


So we have the last song of the seventies: 1979! What was a big hit in this year? Yes, a nice live song, which was absolutely clear. The album version was already released in 1977, but I like the live version better! Enjoy

Cheap Trick- I Want You To Want Me

Song of the day: Jeff Wayne- The Eve Of The War

jeffwayne eve of war

Oh, I’ve heard the strangest stories about War Of The Worlds. From people fleeing from their houses, because they thought it was real, to other stories. I’ve actually never heard or seen the whole thing, but I would love to, since I’ve heard some pieces, like Forever Autumn, which is great, and the song of the day, which was a big hit in 1978. And I love it! Enjoy

Jeff Wayne- The Eve Of War

Song of the day: Baccara- Yes Sir I Can Boogie

baccara yes sir i can boogie

1977! And I was searching for a record to feature, but couldn’t find anything. I mean: Supertramp was featured already, Fleetwood Mac same story. And then I saw this record. What’s that? I played it and remembered it: a nice disco record! So for today, enjoy

Baccara- Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

Song of the day: Chicago- If You Leave Me Now

if you leave me now

A little tenderness in the History of Music. 1976 saw the light of Chicago shining, with a number one hit in the USA, as the record states. I wouldn’t dare to leave them, since they state what will happen. And we don’t want that, do we? Enjoy

Chicago- If You Leave Me Now

Song of the day: Status Quo- Down Down

status quo down down

A big hit in 1975 was for a band who rocked! They really made some fine records, and one of them was a hit (also in the live version, which is great!) Of course it’s a record by Status Quo!

Status Quo- Down Down

Song of the day: The Hollies- The Air That I Breathe

hollies all i need is the air that i breathe

And we’ve entered 1974! The Hollies, a band which exists since 1962 (and still exists) has a very big hit in this year. They recorded a cover, which was a song of Albert Hammond. He later has a good deal with Radiohead (after some struggeling), because his version, in particular the chords, and the chords in the song Creep have a lot in common. However, the Hollies made a big hit version from the song, and that’s the song of the day! Enjoy

The Hollies- The Air That I Breathe

Song of the day: Carly Simon- You’re So Vain

carly simon you're so vain

Today we will continue our journey through time in 1973! We have a very ironic song on this day of love, which absolutely is NOT about love! (Sort of anti-movement here). And believe me, I would have loved to tell you about who this song is. But I don’t know. No-one knows. Everyone speculates, but Carly keeps her mouth shut. We can guess, but we can’t be sure. So therefore, enjoy

Carly Simon- You’re So Vain

P.S. The song was released in 1972, but it became a big hit in 1973. And enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Song of the day: Les Humphries Singers- Mexico


1972 ment a big hit for this popgroup, or should I say gospel? However, they had a huge hit with a swinging (feeling like disco…) song which is just to good to leave behind in this account. Besides, it gives a perfect reflection of the time. The strange thing, however, is that it was a huge hit in the Netherlands, but I really can’t find it in the end chart of Billboard. Different opinions, maybe? Enjoy

Les Humphries Singers- Mexico

Song of the day: Gilbert O’Sullivan- Nothing Rhymed

nothing rhymed

At first, I thought (because of his look) that the music by Gilbert O’Sullivan would be boring or old fashioned. He proved me wrong with several records. His hit Matrimony is one of them, but when I heard this song, I knew I really was wrong. What an incredible good song! His voice really fits the good lyrics, and the music finished it all. Give a good listen to

Gilbert O’Sullivan- Nothing Rhymed

Song of the day: The Kinks- Lola


I really don’t know what to say about this song. Sometimes a song is such a good song, that everyone knows it and you actually can’t say anything, apart from the claim that it is a good record. What I can say, is that we are entering the seventies with this massive hit. Enjoy

The Kinks- Lola

Song of the day: The Archies- Sugar Sugar


We’re leaving the sixties tomorrow, but not before we’ve had this nice record. I had totally forgotten about it, since I’ve only heard it one or two times, but when I saw it, I thought: that’s a good song! So they actually got lucky. A great song by

The Archies- Sugar Sugar

Song of the day: Barry Ryan- Eloise


A great man with a great voice! Especially this song is sung with a great passion for the person Eloise. The ahahahahah, followed by the desperate singing, and then the revival. Great, all in a song. Enjoy a hit in 1968:

Barry Ryan- Eloise