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FlinterFile: Henk en Henk- Sinterklaas, Wie Kent Hem Niet?

Around the end of November, the hearts of the Dutch children start beating harder: Sinterklaas is coming to celebrate his birthday on the 5th of December! Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: Het Goede Doel- Alles Geprobeerd


In 1986, the Dutch band Het Goede Doel had a hit with the song Alles Geprobeerd. It was only number 25, but has become a classic song in the Dutch culture. The text is about someone who needs a break in his relationship.


Het Goede Doel- Alles Geprobeerd

I have not dared to say goodbye
Because saying goodbye is painful
I didn’t mean to really leave you
But wanted to be on my own
To think, research, refuel
And to discover if I still love you