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Song of the day: Therapy?- Diane


I actually am very touched by this song. The violins in the beginning, which keep playing, together with the rest of the song, it is just beautiful. However, when I started searching for other work, I soon stopped it. Originally it’s a hardrock/metal band, which made a touching song: Diane. It’s a cover, the original was made by an artist called Hüsker Dü, although he did not have a hit with it. The text is about the murder on a waitress, called Diane Edwards. For Therapy?, it became a hit in 1995. Listen to

Therapy?- Diane

Song of the day: Mr. Big- Wild World


Yes, the world is strange. I totally agree to that. A band called “Mr. (!) Big” has some hits with soft and intimate songs, while they normally make hardrock, metal and more of that stuff. That’s strange, isn’t it? However, they made a good choice making those songs, because I think it were their biggest hits: To Be With You and the song of the day. Enjoy:

Mr. Big- Wild World

Song of the day: Kiss- I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Hi there,

Something stronger than yesterday. That is the song of today. It’s hardrock!
Let me give you one hint: black and white paint…

Yes, of course it’s Kiss with I Was Made For Lovin’ You!

That’s stronger, isn’t it?

Song of the day: Ram Jam- Black Betty

Hey there,

Today the song is not too complicated. The song is originally an American folksong, but it became popular in a hardrock version.

I’m talking about Ram Jam with Black Betty!

Just sing along, whoa Black Betty, Bambalam!