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Song of the day: REO Speedwagon- Keep On Loving You


In 1980, Kevin Cronin wrote a hard rock power ballad. The song would be recorded by REO Speedwagon and was featured on the album Hi Infidelity. It broke through to the top 50 of the US chart, a novelty for REO Speedwagon, and it even took the first place for a week! In the UK, the song would make it to number 7. Enjoy

REO Speedwagon- Keep On Loving You


Song of the day: Kiss- Sure Know Something

kiss sure know something

Though their other song was a big hit in the disco scene, this one might have been a bit more hard rock. The song reached number 47 in the US, but other countries, like Australia, obviously liked it more: the song was number 5 in Australia! The song came off the album Dynasty, which was released in 1979. The unplugged version from the nineties did good too, but this is the original:

Kiss- Sure Know Something

Song of the day: Whitesnake- Here I Go Again


Oeh… now things are getting hard: hard rock, metal, etc.
And those are not the things which I like very much… however, there’s a very good song on the album, and maybe it’s the best known song of the band Whitesnake.

It’s actually quite funny how I came to the decision to choose Whitesnake as song of the day. I woke up this morning, and I had a window opened a bit. Opening the curtains, I heard pieces of the song of the day, and I thought: why not?
That’s the reason for Here I Go Again to be the song of the day!