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Song of the day: Swing Out Sister- You On My Mind


A song which makes me happy! On the edge of the eighties, in 1989, this song was released. It was the lead single of the second album by Swing Out Sister, Kaleidoscope World. The band has existed since 1985 and they already had had success with the song Breakout. For the second album, Martin Jackson left the band, who later worked for Frank Zappa. Swing Out Sister then had two members, namely Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell. Enjoy

Swing Out Sister- You On My Mind


Song of the day: Tim Deluxe- It Just Won’t Do

tim deluxe it just won't do

Today, we’ve got a song from 2002. It was made by a British house producer, Tim Deluxe. Somewhere in my memories I know the melody of the song, though I have not heard it after finding it via via on the internet. Probably a song that was played a lot when I was six… but it surely makes me happy! Enjoy

Tim Deluxe- It Just Won’t Do

Song of the day: Lou Reed- Walk On The Wild Side

lou reed- walk on the wild side

As I read the paper today, I came across a column about the song Happy, which was in the news because of some people in Iran dancing to the song. The writer of the piece made a reference to several songs which were “happy” or describing the feeling of happiness. One of them was Perfect Day by Lou Reed, which was sung in such a mood that you would like to hang yourself, as the writer stated. The great thing about the song is that it is the B-side of his other big hit, Walk On The Wild Side. And that is an interesting song. David Bowie produced the song and it actually was about all sorts of taboos. Why would I choose this song as song of the day? Because it has a great saxophone solo in the end of the song, which I would have preferred in the middle, but okay. Enjoy

Lou Reed- Walk On The Wild Side

Song of the day: Simon Webbe- No Worries


Another song which makes you happy! On Wikipedia (yes, we can trust that! :)) it says he was in the popular boyband Blue. Never heard of that one… What does it matter anyway? He went solo in 2005 and had an enormous hit with this song in 2005. Get happy and enjoy

Simon Webbe- No Worries

Song of the day: Narada Michael Walden- Gimme Gimme Gimme


Another eighties song today, from 1985 to be complete. The singer had more success, however, as a writer or producer than as a singer. A few examples of songs where he was involved are I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship and I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) from Whitney Houston. As a singer, he had a few hit songs, and one of the songs is a happy song of the day:

Narada Michael Walden & Patti Austin- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Song of the day: Tim Finn- Fraction Too Much Friction


Yes, this is an oldfashioned and typical eighties song. And I must say, it makes me very happy if I hear it. Thereby, I can sing it along, word after word. That is not always to the liking of my family, but who cares? It’s a sign that I’m happy, and who would like me to be unhappy? Exactly, nobody! And that’s why I’m putting this song on again, singing out loud and enjoying every moment:

Tim Finn- Fraction Too Much Friction

Song of the day: Soulsister- The Way To Your Heart


A Belgian band today. They played a mix of soul and pop, and had one big hit in their career in the Netherlands and Germany. They did not come further than these countries, and the rest of their songs were only hits in Belgium. Now, I know what you’re thinking: they’re Belgians, can they make anything good? Oh yes, they can. This song was a big hit, and with a reason: it is a great and happy song, and the music is good. Enjoy

Soulsister- The Way To Your Heart

Song of the day: Belle Stars- Sign Of The Times


I must say that I’ve doubted a long time about putting this record forward as song of the day, but then I thought: Who cares? Tomorrow there’s another song, and if they like it, it’s good that I’ve put forward this song. They were British, and they had just one big hit. It’s happy, so enjoy

The Belle Stars- Sign Of The Times

Song of the day: Redbox- For America


Well, this eighties song just makes me happy and makes you want to sing along. You know what I mean if you hear it. Yodeehihihee or something like that. And then curililileeeeeUSA! A nice record for a nice day. Enjoy

Redbox- In America


Song of the day: Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne- You’re A Friend Of Mine


Yeah, a saxophone song! I LOVE saxophone songs. But you know that, don’t you? And you can clearly hear that voice, a black voice versus a white voice. Happy and it makes you want to dance. I know that I’ve said it a lot of times, but everything is right about this song. Enjoy

Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne- You’re A Friend Of Mine

Song of the day: Something Happens- Parachute


A great record from a band who had one hit. But it’s a great song, and it makes you wanna jump. And it is very happy, so perfect for such a lovely day as this. Enjoy

Something Happens- Parachute

Song of the day: Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

gabriella cilmi sweet about me

Positive, happy music. I love it! And most of the people thought about it that way, otherwise it would never have been a hit in 2008. Released at the good time (summer and happy is a good combination), it ended up high in the hit charts. Enjoy

Gabriella Cilmi- Sweet About Me

Song of the day: Simply Red- Fairground


What’s better than a record which makes you happy, which has a nice beat to dance to, and a band which is good? I would say nothing. In 1995, Simply Red (where did that name come from…) had a big hit with a song which belongs to their best. Although Stars is very good, too. I can’t choose, but enjoy

Simply Red- Fairground

Song of the day: Urban Cookie Collective- The Key The Secret

Urban+Cookie+Collective+-+The+Key +The+Secret+-+12'+RECORD_MAXI+SINGLE-246503

Some names stay in your mind forever, since they are so strange… This is the case for the song from 1993. Urban Cookie Collective… The person that made up that name should get a prize, how do you think of that? And I have to say that it’s good dance too.! Dance with a smile, because who isn’t happy when they hear this? Enjoy

Urban Cookie Collective- The Key, The Secret

Song of the day: Doobie Brothers- Listen To The Music


Some songs just make you happy when you hear them. Everytime I hear the first tones of this song, my face lights up and I get happy. Of course, loud singing with the song is unavoidable (although I’m not appreciated for that. Strange…) So enjoy

The Doobie Brothers- Listen To The Music

Song of the day: Monty Python- Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (single)

Yes, it’s that day again. It’s Monday. Blue Monday to be exact. And to be honest: I don’t believe a thing about this blue Monday business. People say Monday is the worst day of the week, I think it’s the best day of the week. People say they are depressed on this day, I am not. I don’t see a reason. Nothing serious happened, so why be depressed? Because of the weather? Never good, is it? Because there’s a new week waiting? Think about this: this new week offers new chances! And if you’re still depressed, listen to this song. Always good to cheer up:

Monty Python- Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Song of the day: Wax- Right Between The Eyes


What do you think of a happy eighties song? I noticed, since we are busy with making a movie, that they used the greenscreen a lot. Look at the backgrounds in the clip! And of course enjoy the music by

Wax- Right Between The Eyes

Song of the day: Klingande- Jubel


Some songs make you happy. And some songs bring a feeling to you. In this time of snow and winter, we need some summer, was my idea. And yes, this song is happy, summer, sort of dance, it’s good! Enjoy:

Klingande- Jubel

Song of the day: Pharrell Williams- Happy

pharrell williams

This man doesn’t need an introduction anymore. Maybe he needed one last year, now he’s famous. I mean, he had the best year an artist can get. From almost nothing to everything. It started with cooperating with Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines), then he got to do a song with Daft Punk AND Nile Rodgers (Get Lucky), and then he had a major hit with the soundtrack of an animation movie. Enjoy:

Pharrell Williams- Happy

Song of the day: Billy Paul- Thanks For Saving My Life


Just heard on the radio and now as a song of the day on my blog. It doesn’t happen often (mostly I’m hearing a song, writing it down and listening to it again later) but it may occur. Today Billy Paul is lucky that the song was nice enough and I’m in a mood for this type of music. It just makes me happy! Enjoy:

Billy Paul- Thanks For Saving My Life


Song of the day: Paul Young- Love Of The Common People


I was listening to the Greatest Hits of this man last evening, and I thought: Did I already have him as song of the day? No, so let’s do it! If I hear this song, I always get happy, because it’s a happy song with a good message. Enjoy:

Paul Young- Love Of The Common People

Song of the day: Shanice- I Love Your Smile


Sometimes you hear a song of the radio, and you think: wow, I’ve forgotten about that song! Mostly you have forgotten it because it was not good, but sometimes because you don’t hear it often on the radio. The second option is the case for this song. And I get happy everytime I hear it! Tutututututuuutuutuuuut (can’t do it right when I’m typing) Enjoy:

Shanice- I Love Your Smile

Song of the day: Bellini- Samba De Janeiro


Okay, today no difficult meanings of songs, no difficult lyrics, just music. And a few words, okay. But it’s not important to understand those, because it’s more about the happy feeling you get from the song. It makes you feel like you are in Rio De Janeiro, especially when it’s carnaval and they are playing such tunes as the samba. Try not to dance then. I guess you won’t succeed.

I don’t know for sure, but I thought Samba De Janeiro was the only song Bellini made. As far as I know, they made just one album, consisting of this song and several remixes of the song. After that, Bellini dissappeared…

Luckily, they made this hit which is song of the day!

Bellini- Samba De Janeiro

Song of the day: Akcent- Kylie


Akcent is a band from Romania, and they are quite popular in Romania. However, I only know one song by them: the song of today.
And trust me, I didn’t know that they made more songs than this one. I actually wanted to put them under one-hit wonders, but then I watched Wikipedia to look for the year this song was released.
While doing this, my eye saw more than only Kylie. It saw a list with 26 singles! I’m still thinking how they all could have missed the rest of Europe, but I guess that’s something like: nice song, and forget the rest. Sorry!

(By the way: Kylie was released in 2006.)

But we have this song, and that’s more than nothing:

Akcent- Kylie

Song of the day: Juanes- La Camisa Negra


There’s a very nice game which I sometimes play: search for a songtext, put it in Google-translate and then translate it (in my case to Dutch) and then play it. Of course it sometimes sounds stupid, but it is difficult to find out which song it is! This one was very difficult to guess, and I didn’t succeed… but it gave another view on the song. It sounds so happy, but it isn’t…

It is a song about someone who was in love with someone else, but this other person was never really interested. It was all a lie, and that’s why he’s wearing a black shirt.
I hope that I understood it correctly, because Google-translate is not always reliable…

It sounds happy, but it isn’t:

Juanes- La Camisa Negra

(If you speak Spanish, maybe you can react if I understood it correctly???)

Summer Song of the Day #8: UB40- Red Red Wine

ub40 red red wine

A band which is one of my favourites is UB40. Their music is relaxed, reggae, and happy. Since summer is here, they can’t miss in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20!
Unfortunately, the song which you have voted for and which is on number 8, Red Red Wine, has been song of the day once before.

So I want to focus on another good song of them. The song which is not in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 is a single by them from 1990. It was a cover of an older song, but they had a hit with the song.
The song was a big hit all over the world. Of course I’m talking about Kingston Town, the (unofficial) song of the day.

Number 8: UB40- Red Red Wine

Summer Song of the Day #13: Dario G- Carnaval De Paris


Again nineties. It seems like only nineties around here. But this single was made by an artist with several hits. Another hit by Dario G was for example Sunchyme.
So the Carnaval De Paris is the song of the day. A sunny instrumental tune which makes you want to go to Paris, where the sun is shining.
And actually, I’m going to Paris for a few days in the holidays, so I want to know if the feeling is the same as in the song.
I’m curious.

Number 13: Dario G- Carnaval De Paris

Summer Song of the Day #16: DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince- Summertime


Yes, more classics on their way. Again nineties, and this time made by a duo. One of the two is Will Smith, the Fresh Prince.
I did not know this until I was looking for the greatest hits of Will Smith (I wanted a CD with Miami, Gettin’ Jiggy With It, etc.), and there were songs of DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince on the CD!
What? That’s strange, I thought. Well, no, apparently not.
But okay, they have scored a neat 16th place in the Summer Song Of The Day Top 20, with their song Summertime. A real big summer hit!

Number 16: DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince- Summertime

Summer Song of the Day #18: Ultimate Kaos- Casanova

ultimate kaos casanova

Mmm… the nineties. I love the nineties! And the eighties, of course. And the rest of good music.
Ultimate Kaos is a typical example of a group which had several smaller hits, but one hit which stayed in our minds and which is played more often.
This hit which we remembered has brought them big success, and it is good for a place in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20, number 18!
And yes, I know that they had the song of the day once before, but okay…
Therefore a small fact: it is a cover. The original song is made by LeVert, and they recorded Casanova in 1987!

No. 18: Ultimate Kaos- Casanova

Summer Song of the Day #20: Doop- Doop


There are songs which stick to mind, and never get out again. Doop is one of them.
The first time I heard it, I thought: it’s a nice song, sounds happy! A real summer song. And it sticked in my mind, did not go out, but the thing is: it’s not an annoying song, so you forgive the song for sticking in mind.
And because it is a summer song, the position it got in the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 is number 20! And it came from the nineties, but watching at the album cover and the clip it could easily be fifties!

Number 20: Doop- Doop

Song of the day: Yazz & the Plastic Population- The Only Way Is Up


Sometimes you have one sentence from a song, or a bit from a tune, sticking in your mind, but you can’t think of the artist…
That was the problem yesterday with this song. I kept hearing “The only way is up!”. Nothing more, and I thought: mmm… who was that?
Happily we have Google, so I found out that it was made by Yazz And The Plastic Population.

And it is a good song… sunny, happy, sunny and very nice to hear!
Enjoy The Only Way Is Up!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20 >>>>

Song of the day: Roger Sanchez- Another Chance


Oh yeah! Some songs you hear, forget a while, then you hear them again, and every time you think: I should buy it on CD. And then you forget it again.
It’s actually my story with this song… but now it’s on a list of songs which I want on CD.
Why do I want it? Firstly, it’s a great dance track. Secondly, it makes me happy, thirdly: the tune sticks in my mind and keeps playing for one day…

And it sounds sunny, so reason enough for Roger Sanchez to be song of the day! Enjoy Another Chance (the long version, because I can’t get enough!!

And vote for the Summer Song of the Day Top 20>>>>

Song of the day: Aqua- Barbie Girl

aqua greatest hits

This is such a group which had one hit, which stayed in our minds, and the rest of the songs went past us…
And that is actually sad, because a lot of hits by Aqua are nice songs to listen to, the texts are quite good (I especially like the text of the song Back To The Eighties), so why do we only know this one song?

Because it was a mega hit, and it was happy, and it caused commotion. Mattel didn’t like the fact that they used their brand, Barbie, for the song. They went to court with it, lost, and later they used it themselves in their commercials! With another text, okay, but the melody was the same.

So, the “summer” happy song of the day is the song Barbie Girl by Aqua!

And vote for the Summer Song of the day Top 20!

Song of the day: The Pointer Sisters- Jump! (For My Love)


Yes, this is one of the best studio albums by the Pointer Sisters! Okay, we only have one, but still…
One of the tracks on the album is Automatic, a very good song, but not the song of the day.

The song of the day is a song which is a happy song. I can’t think of a better description. Or, well:It has to do something with the Olympic games of 1984.

It’s Jump (For My Love)!

And this song was originally called Jump, the rest of the title was placed after it when the song got confused with Jump from Van Halen.

Song(s) of the day: Armin van Buuren- This Is What It Feels Like / Michael Bublé- It’s A Beautiful Day

Hi there,

Tomorrow TWO new songs!

The first song is sounding like summer, and you get happy immediately! Oh yes, it’s a beautiful day!
Michael Bublé with It’s A Beautiful Day!

And the second song is made by a Dutch DJ, who has released his new single! It’s a good song, too:
It’s Armin van Buuren with This Is What It Feels Like!

I hope you enjoy the songs, tomorrow an old song!

Last chance: Vote for the Song of the day Top 50!

Song of the day: Billy Preston & Syreeta- It Will Come In Time

I need a happy song today. Just because I like it.

The song I choose for the song of the day is also happy. It comes from the eighties, and is very happy.
Billy Preston and Syreeta with It will come in time.

Get happy, tomorrow two new songs!

Song of the day: Electric Light Orchestra- Mr. Blue Sky

Hello again,

A new song of the day is waiting for you!

It’s a happy song, made by an orchestra. It was written on a mountain, it was foggy for the whole week, and all of a sudden the sun comes through!
The song was remastered in 2012, but I still like the old version better.

It’s ELO (electric light orchestra) with Mr. Blue Sky.

Get happy!