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Song of the day: Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya

johnny guitar watson a real mother for ya

Number 41 in the US, number 44 in the UK. Johnny Watson was around for a long time, in the fifties he was a vocalist, pianist and guitarist, and he created a special sound with his style of playing a guitar. He was a guest on a Frank Zappa album in the seventies, and at the end of the seventies he changed his style. This song is one of these songs that fit in his changed style: he was now a funk artist. Enjoy

Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson- A Real Mother For Ya


Bruce Springsteen


Some artists have problems with their fame and become uncool because of these problems. Some don’t. Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen certainly does not! He knows who deliver him his fame (namely his fans) and he keeps them happy at all times. He’s in time for his performances (which is quite special these days) and he keeps playing for hours. Furthermore, he feels one with his fans and if they get wet, he gets into the audience and gets wet too (referring to the Goffertpark, the Netherlands).

He makes music which is comprehensible and with critical texts (try listening to Born In The USA and hearing a positive word in it). The music around it is just great. Making use of several instruments like guitars and most famous: the mouth-harmonica on The River, in performances mostly given away. He has become a legend with the performance of Dancing In The Dark, where he makes a dance with a fan.

Live superb, on albums superb, great music and an incredible career. Worth a place in the Hall of Fame, isn’t it?

(By the way: I have never seen him live, but I’d like to)

Dire Straits


One of my favourite bands at the moment. Their music is great because of the guitar work of Mark Knopfler, the songs, and especially the live versions! My favourite is, although I have not heard all their work yet, a live version of Calling Elvis (over 10 minutes long!) Of course they can’t miss from this Hall of Fame!

Song of the day: Boston- More Than A Feeling

boston more than a feeling

Wow! An U.F.O.! It’s the Boston spaceship, waiting for you to take you on a trip along the song More Than A Feeling. What a junk I’m writing this morning! Awful! But okay, there’s not a lot to say about this song, apart from the beautiful guitar riff it has (notice it, please!). Since I’m writing such junk today, I’ll keep it short. Listen and enjoy:

Boston- More Than A Feeling

Song of the day: Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

yes owner of a lonely heart

This song is just in one word perfect. A good text, catching melody, good intro, excellent guitars and music, and it is eighties. And it was not only a hit in the eighties, because in 2005 Max Graham remixed the song and released it. It was a big hit, but the original song is a little bit better. So for today, enjoy:

Yes- Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Song of the day: Santana & Rob Thomas- Smooth


Whilst listening to the radio you hear a lot of songs, and suddenly this song came along. Directly in the first seconds the mood was set: it’s a hot day, you’re in some sort of bar, drinking something cool, and this song is played. Well, only the last thing was true, the rest came along with the song (Think-It-Yourself). Isn’t that nice?

Of course, Santana is some sort of the king of the latin rock with the guitars, but they made a lot of different music styles, mostly in the rock side.


Santana featuring Rob Thomas- Smooth