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Song of the day: Van Halen- Runnin’ With The Devil


In 1978, Van Halen got started with this song. As the very first song you would hear from Van Halen (unless you would start with side 2 from their album), it immediately introduced you to who Van Halen was. With an intro that was invented by Gene Simmons, who also recorded their demo, their career got started. With a guitar solo from Eddie Van Halen, a squeal and little tricks from the studio, they got to number 52 in the UK and 84 in the US. Enjoy

Van Halen- Runnin’ With The Devil


Song of the day: Steely Dan- Reeling In The Years


Steely Dan was a big band in the seventies, and they had a big hit in 1973. The song would peak on number 11 in the US, so quite a hit too. It was written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, two of the members of Steely Dan. The song features a great guitar solo, one which was the favourite of Jimmy Page (Led Zep). Apart from the solo, the whole song is just great! Enjoy

Steely Dan- Reeling In The Years

Song of the day: The Scorpions- Still Loving You

scorpions still loving you

Today we’ve got a song from the eighties, to be precize: 1984. It’s about love and pain, and actually about an old love which has died out, but where the two lovers give it a try (again). The melody and the composition of the song were already made, but it took more than six years to get the song on an album. The guitar solo was invented and immediately was right. The lyrics came a little later, when one of the members went out for a walk in the snow. In France the song went to number one, probably even causing a baby boom! Enjoy

The Scorpions- Still Loving You