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Wait a moment… that’s not from Elvis?

With a discography from over 800 songs, Elvis Presley has recorded lots of songs. Many of those songs became hits, but there are quite some hit versions which originally were not sung by Elvis… Read the rest of this entry

Song of the day: Tom Jones- Green Green Grass Of Home


Finally a song which hasn’t been Song of the day earlier! First I thought about Dancing In The Street, then about Tell It To My Heart, but both of them has been Song of the Day before. Therefore, I thought: what sixties is not yet featured? And I came up with Tom Jones, who made a beautiful version (and maybe the most popular) of Green Green Grass of Home. The first recording was done in 1965, a year later this version appeared. My first meeting with this song was in the version of Kenny Rodgers, who released it in 1977. Enjoy

Tom Jones- Green, Green Grass of Home