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Song of the day: Nathalie Imbruglia- Torn


Mmm… nineties. There was an artist back then who released a single which I like a lot. However, I don’t know more songs by her, since there were no more hits. I thought. What did my eye see last holiday in Germany? The biggest hits so far: singles 19??-???? from Nathalie Imbruglia. And then I thought: Huh? But she had only one hit! Okay, she did not. Otherwise there would not be a whole CD filled with hits. But okay, I still only know this song, and I want you to enjoy it too:

Nathalie Imbruglia- Torn


Song of the day: Nirvana- Come As You Are


It’s maybe one of the most famous albums from the nineties, and of course one of the few Nirvana made. Probably this is also their greatest hits album, because the other albums have not made big differences in the music. Nirvana was a grunge band, and they had a big hit album with Nevermind. Even today it’s sold a lot. It contains songs like Lithium and Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I want to focus on another hit, not as big as Smells Like Teen Spirit, but it’s my favourite from the album.

I’m talking about the song Come As You Are, a more relaxed song, but with the sound of Nirvana. According to me, it’s Nirvana’s best song…

Listen to

Nirvana- Come As You Are

Song of the day: Billy Idol- Hot In The City


The song of the day has two different music videos, from which the second had a bit of resistence, since it showed his girlfriend nailed to a cross.
However, the song is very good, and that is what matters! To me, at least.

For the people to who the video does matter: the link goes to a video with only music.

Yes, it’s Hot in the City! And that’s not my city: I call 15 C not hot…

Song of the day: Faithless- We Come 1


Yes, I’m fan of this group. They had some incredible big hits in the nineties, like God is a DJ and Insomnia.
I love those songs, but they made more! There are so many songs by them which I enjoy listening to!
The song of the day is a hit which they had in the zeroes! Many people don’t know this song until they hear it, or even then they don’t recognize it…
Do you know the song We Come 1?

Song of the day: 10CC- Dreadlock Holiday

10cc Alive++The+Very+Best+Of+cover

Yes, this is the best of album by 10cc! All the big hits are on there, but I want to discuss one of them, because there is a rather nice story behind it.
The song of the day, the song I am going to discuss, is a kind of reggae song. You know, it’s Dreadlock Holiday.

A member of the Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, was on holiday together with Eric Steward, who was in 10cc.
They went to Barbados, and the people there want a lot of you.
They decided to go parasailing, and Eric was already behind a speedboat, when some people (with dreadlocks) came to Justin.
They wanted his camera, and when he didn’t want to give it, they wanted his silver necklace.
He kept refusing, and one of the people said to him: “If we were on Jamaica now, I would have done something to you”.
Eric was very concerned, and was happy that he could see the people leave. He wrote this hit about it, and I like that he did!

Song of the day: R.E.M.- Man On The Moon

R.E.M.- Automatic For The People

This is an album of which I firstly believed that it was a greatest hits album, because so many songs on the album were hits.However, digging into it a little deeper, I found out it just was a studio album which had a lot of hits on it.
On this album is the beautiful song called Everybody Hurts, but also the song Drive, which I think is very good, and the song of the day.

It’s also a very good song, but mostly it’s Everybody Hurts or Losing My Religion what you hear, and not Man On The Moon.
However, it is song of the day today, so lets enjoy it!

Song of the day: Janet Jackson- What Have You Done For Me Lately?

janet jackson design of a decade

You might now think: Who’s that woman and what is she doing on this blog?
Well, let me introduce to you: Janet Jackson, the sister of Michael. And this is, for the people who have not recognized it, the front of her greatest hits album Design Of A Decade: 1986-1996.
Some people think this title is not the right title for this album, since it mainly features songs in the period 1986-1990, but that all does not matter.
Those people probably don’t listen to the album but only discuss about what’s on there.

I listen to the album and hear great songs, and of course, my personal favourite is song of the day.
It’s a song which I think is very nice to hear, it’s What Have You Done For Me Lately?