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Song of the day: Meja- All ‘Bout The Money

meja all about the money

Just heard on the radio, now a song of the day. The problem if there are too many songs you would like to feature, you forget some songs. This was one of these songs: a great song, late nineties (1998). Quite a hit back then, and now it’s just great to hear it and to sing to it. (And she was right…) Enjoy

Meja- All ‘Bout The Money

Song of the day: Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


Some songs are just great, and some artists are just great. Elton John is one of these artists who is great. He has lots of nice outfits (okay, some are a bit too, what should I say, let’s call it funky…) and his glasses are really cool. And his music is great. I remember that I have known Crocodile Rock because a puppet, looking like Elton John, sang that in Bob the Builder. I was a big fan of the song, and now I like it a lot, but I think this song is a little bit better. Actually, I think it’s his best song. Enjoy

Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Song of the day: U2- With Or Without You

Hi there,

I was listening to a great album lately, and suddenly realised that the band who made the album hasn’t had a song of the day.
Until now, because the song of the day is made by this band. It’s the band who made the album “The Joshua Tree”.

Of course you now know it is U2 with With Or Without You.

It’s the third song of this great album, which has some other great songs on it.

Song of the day: Junior Jack- Stupidisco

Hello everyone,

Today the song is a great song to dance. It’s kind of strange, it’s a disco, it’s an extended version, it’s:
Junior Jack with Stupidisco!

Have fun with this great tune! They only occur some times in a period of several years!