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FlinterFile: Ray Charles- Hit The Road Jack!


In 1961, Percy Mayfield wrote one of his hits. He was a singer, but after a car accident, he was disfigured and focused on writing songs. Read the rest of this entry


FlinterFile: New Vaudeville Band- Winchester Cathedral


In 1966, Geoff Stephens shook up the charts with a song that was not quite like what was popular at the time. The name tells what the sound was like: the vaudeville sound of the 1930s. To get closer to that sound, he sang the song through a megaphone. He was inspired by a picture of the Winchester Cathedral on a calender, which is in Hampshire. Later, the song would be covered by artists like Frank Sinatra and Petula Clark. The song became a hit: number 4 in the UK and number 1 in the US. It even got a grammy for the best rock & roll song! Enjoy

The New Vaudeville Band- Winchester Cathedral

Song of the day: John Mayer- Daughters


In 2003, John Mayer released one of his biggest successes. The song Daughters is about fathers, who have to raise their daughters with a lot of love, as this will make it easier for them to have a relationship with a man. John Mayer himself had a difficult relationship, hence the song. In the US it charted as number 19. Enjoy

John Mayer- Daughters

Song of the day: B.B. King- The Thrill Is Gone


In 1969, B.B. King released one of his biggest hits. However, it was not his song, because it was written by Roy Hawkins and Rick Darnell. Roy had a hit with it in 1951. B.B. King recorded the song as a blues song. Apart from a number 15 position in the US hit chart, it brought King a Grammy award for best male R&B vocal performance. Enjoy

B.B. King- The Thrill Is Gone

R.I.P B.B. King, he died on 14 May 2015 (yesterday) at the age of 89.

Song of the day: Janis Ian- Fly Too High


A multitalent singer today! Not only does Janis Ian sing, entering the folk scene in the sixties while she still was a teenager, she also is a columnist, a science fiction writer, songwriter and musician! She had lots of success with the song At Seventeen, but I go for a song from 1979. It was produced by Giorgio Moroder (the famous disco producer!) and was added to the soundtrack of the movie Foxes. She got a grammy nomination for it and it would be a hit in a lot of countries, like the Netherlands and Australia. Enjoy

Janis Ian- Fly Too High

Song of the day: Mel & Kim- Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

With less than a week to go before it’s Christmas, I will today promote a Christmas song with a funny clip.

But first: U Can’t Touch This! I’ve been looking up some information on the song, and where is it? Here! U Can’t Touch This promotes MC Hammer as a rapper.
The whole song is based on a sample of Rick James’ Super Freak, but the lyrics are written by MC Hammer. He says that he’s magic, and that he can’t touch Rick James in the lyrics.
But, because of this, it is such a perfect song! It was a number one hit for MC Hammer and he won a Grammy with it.

Okay, enough about the song of yesterday, let’s move on to the song of today.
It’s actually a song for charity, for Comic Relief. The name of the singers are a parody on a sister act, and the original was recorded in 1958 by Brenda Lee.
Don’t know it yet? Here’s the answer:
Mel (Smith) & Kim (Wilde) with Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Tomorrow two new songs, and after that we are going to have some nice Christmas songs…