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Song of the day: Level 42- Lessons In Love

Hello there,

Today some lessons. And not in the usual subjects like maths and grammar, but in something else…
Maybe one of the most important things in life…

It’s Level 42 with Lessons In Love.

I think it’s a very good song!

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Song(s) of the day: Andy Grammar- Fine By Me / Lisa Lois- Silhouette

Hello there,

We are starting March right with two new songs! And they are good, trust me…

The first song is made by a Dutch singer, who has won a talent show a few years ago.
After her first hit a few years ago, Hallelujah, she is back with a new song: Silhouette.
It’s Lisa Lois!

The second song is made by someone who had his first big hit last year, and he is just continuing with this.
His last name is my favourite part of the English lessons (absolutely not)!
It’s Andy Grammer with Fine By Me!

These were the songs for today, tomorrow an older song.