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Song of the day: The Shangri-Las- The Leader Of The Pack

shangrilas leader of the pack

In 1964, a song produced by George Morton was released. This song would be a golden oldie or evergreen, and is a typical example of a teenage tragedy song. The vocals were recorded in a hotel in Manhattan, the instrumentals were already recorded and would later be added. About the sound of the motorcycle, the sources vary: one says one was driven through the hotel to record the sound, though others say it was taken from the effectsroom. The BBC first refused to play the song, but still it would chart on number 11 in the UK. Enjoy

The Shangri-Las- The Leader Of The Pack


Song of the day: Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues


A golden oldie today! All the way from the fifties, written by Eddie Cochran and his manager, Jerry Capehart. In 1958 it was released as a B-side, but this time they got it wrong: the B-side would be the hit! In the US it peaked at number 8 and in the UK it reached number 18. Then the song started its way through history in many cover versions, including a version of the Beach Boys and the Who. Today we’ve got the original! Enjoy

Eddie Cochran- Summertime Blues

Song of the day: Nancy Sinatra- These Boots Are Made For Walkin’


Okay, I got a remark: what a bunch of eighties music on your blog! Do you only like eighties music? No I don’t! I like all kinds of music, from the sixties until now. And therefore I will put on some older songs on the blog in the coming days. Let’s start with this golden oldie! It’s the daughter of Frank Sinatra, and she made some incredible records. Apart from her James Bond soundtrack (which is absolutely a good soundtrack) she made this song. Apart from the music, the sound of Nancy is very good! Her voice can’t be described. So good! Enjoy:

Nancy Sinatra- These Boots Are Made For Walkin’