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FlinterFile: Vicki Sue Robinson- Turn The Beat Around

vickisuerobinson turnthebeataround

In 1976, Vicki Sue Robinson released her only hit. Before recording the song, she performed on Broadway. She started in Hair, and later she performed in Jesus Christ Superstar. She also sung background vocals in Fame and sung for several commercials. This song was her only real hit, a disco song which was written by two keyboard session players. In the song, the music that is played is described, and the title, Turn The Beat Around, means to play a drum pattern again.  Gloria Gaynor later covered the song. The original charted at number 10 in the US. Enjoy

Vicki Sue Robinson- Turn The Beat Around

Song of the day: Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive


Yeah, well, what’s to say about this song more than on the cover? It was a TOP Disco Hit, and it still is. It was even covered in the nineties by the Hermes House Band, and they made a house version of it. That version is nice, too, but the original is way better! Real disco from the late seventies, my favourites! Enjoy on your monday morning:

Gloria Gaynor- I Will Survive