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Song of the day: KC & The Sunshine Band- Give It Up


Today it’s Saturday! And this means: disco! Or, since it is a song from 1983, it is maybe post-disco. However, you can’t say KC & The Sunshine Band without saying disco, so let’s say it is disco. This song meant the comeback for KC & The Sunshine Band, because they did not have hits for a few years. This song went to number 18 in the US, and in August 1983 it was a real summer hit, since it was number 1!!! You already know what to do: get dancing to

KC & The Sunshine Band- Give It Up


Song of the day: The Goodmen- Give It Up


A real nineties dance classic today! And there’s one nice thing which it has in common with Fiesta from the Sunclub.
And yes, if you listen to them, you might say: they are totally different, apart from that they both sound sunny. But what do they have in common? Well, the whistle. And for some reason, this whistle gives an extra dimension to the song. Or at least for me it does. Since I knew Fiesta earlier than this song, I combine the whistle with summer (isn’t this a nice example of Pavlov?) So maybe this is the cause for me to call it a summer hit, although it was a hit in the U.S.A. in November. In Holland, it actually did good in the period before summer, having the highest position in May.


The Good Men- Give It Up