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Song of the day: All Saints- Never Ever


In the nineties, there were boybands, but also some girlbands. The most famous one is of course the Spice Girls, but there was another successful group: All Saints. They had some hits, not all as big as the other, but the biggest came to a respectable number 4 in the Netherlands. It’s not strange that this one is the song of the day. Enjoy

All Saints- Never Ever

Song of the day: The Spice Girls- Who Do You Think You Are


More Girlpower today! And not the least: one of the most popular girlbands of the nineties: the Spice Girls. And for today, I want to feature their best song (which is, to me, not Wannabe, their biggest hit). I recently discovered this song, when I was looking what they had made. And I came across a song which sounded very good. So for today, enjoy:

The Spice Girls- Who Do You Think You Are?